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Why are so many people attracted to the tree of life? That's what we'll see here.

The tree of life can be found in engravings, paintings, embroidery, prints or sculptures that have existed since the beginning of history and symbolize the force of life and its origins, the importance of roots and the development of life.

This symbol was already present in many religions and cultures.

What is the meaning of the Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life in Egyptian Esotericism

In various parts of the ancient world, trees were associated with different gods, and Egypt was certainly no exception. Various vegetations were linked to gods and goddesses in one way or another, or generally to the Egyptian religion and in particular to the afterlife.

There were several deities associated with trees, a rare commodity in Egypt. Horus was associated with the acacia tree, while Osiris and Ra were linked to the willow and sycamore, respectively.

Osiris was sheltered by a willow tree after his death, and for example, the Book of the Dead describes two "turquoise sycamores" growing at the point on the eastern horizon where the sun god rises each morning. Re was also associated with the ished tree. In addition, Wepwawet was associated with Tamarisk, and the symbol of the god Heh was a palm branch, while not surprisingly, we have both Thoth and Seshat, the two deities associated with writing, inscribing the leaves of the ished (or persea) with the Royal Titulary and the number of years under the reign of the pharaoh.

Above: a couple of deceased and their Ba-souls being fed by the sycamore goddess

"The tree-goddess is "Nut, the great one". She is one with a sycamore tree into which her legs merge harmoniously. This tree represents for the Egyptian the proof of the presence of water, as well as a dispenser of shade and figs. This abundance of blessings is symbolized by the tray held by the goddess, on which are arranged flowers, fruits and breads." (Osirisnet)

In the tombs of individuals, the tree goddess is very common. Representations are very diverse, so she may be shown emerging from the foliage or becoming one with the trunk.

As mother, tree and goddess of the sky, the goddess of the sycamore provides freshness, drink and food: " under me, you refresh yourself under my branches, you are satisfied with my offerings, you live with my bread, you drink with my beer, I make you suckle with my milk, you live and keep alive thanks to my breasts, joy and health are in them. Also, the goddess-sycamore, more than a place located in the afterlife is the symbol of the afterlife in its entirety; the night sky where the deceased knows a second gestation: " Your mother provides you with life, she places you inside her womb where she conceives you; she receives the constellation in her arms as yesterday; the Untiring ones summon you, the Indestructible ones welcome you. "

The Tree of Life in other traditions

The Tree of Life in Christianity

The Tree of Life is first simply mentioned, at the beginning of the Book of Genesis, in the second account of the Creation (Gn 2, 93; Gn 3, 244), at the same time as theTree of the knowledge of good and evil. The first symbolizes immortality. It should therefore not be confused with the other tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Christianity very early on equated the cross of Christ with the Tree of Life, because, like Christ, it gives back life, this time eternal, to fallen humanity, wounded by Original Sin in the persons of Adam and Eve.

The Tree of Life among the Celts

For my Celtic ancestors, the sacred tree represented the central axis of the world, since through it, a connection was established with the 3 levels of the cosmos: the underground or subterranean world through the roots, the surface of the earth or the earth plane represented through the trunk of the tree, and the sky, seen through its branches and leaves, which seemed to rise to the sky.

The Celts of Ireland have integrated in their iconography a tree of life guarded by two dragons, a warrior emblem that spread throughout Celtic Europe in the 3rd and 4th centuries and associated with the god Lug.

The Tree of Life in Buddhism

TheBodhi tree is an important tree in Buddhism, as it was under this tree that the Buddha attained enlightenment, a state called bodhi.

Above: The Bodhi tree is an important tree in Buddhism, because it is under this tree that the Buddha attained enlightenment, a state called bodhi.

The Tree of Life as seen by Klimt

I had already loved Klimt's "The Kiss". His representation of the Tree of Life is also wonderful. The shapes are soft, harmonious, the colors are warm. Beauty is good and although it is subjective, I honestly think this painting is beautiful.

This painting is, in fact, a trial run for the Stoclet Frieze, a suite of paintings, mosaics on canvas, three paintings in all, done by the symbolic art painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) to honor a commission from the Stoclet Palace of Arts in Belgium, Brussels.

These paintings were done during Gustav Klimt's late period and feature swirling "trees of life", a standing woman, and a couple of lovers exchanging a kiss.

Gustav Klimt's desire, in creating these three paintings on canvas, was to represent a wonderful garden where art and love reign, a kind of eternity, which would never wither. The main element of the painting is the Tree, which is made up of branches that stretch over the entire space of the painting, covered with spots, eyes and interlocking geometric structures.

If you Google the tree of life, it explains the origins of this symbol, its meaning, what it represents and its benefits. My purpose here is not to go over it again, there is enough literature on the subject.

And yet, there is one thing that NO ONE tells you, and it is essential.

It is that the tree is..


Yes, you.

What does the Tree of Life really mean?

Trees, like nature, are sources of teachings. They show us how man/woman should really be, in his roots, his trunk, and his branches. From a symbolic point of view, man is identical to a tree. Often we ignore this similarity and are content to live in the roots, totally ignoring the upper part of our being.

If you look at a tree, you see it through a filter, concepts, education. You don't see it as it is.

Take some time, stop and try to look at it differently. Maybe it will tell you something about yourself and change your view of the world.

I have been on retreats for several weeks totally immersed in nature.

What I can tell you is that trees inspire me.

I look at them and see them firmly planted in the ground. They are solid. They are closed in their trunk, they do not let anything in and nothing can shake them. I watch their tops dance with the wind and it fills my soul with beauty and splendor.

If you look closely, you will see that in the highest part of its being, the top, the tree is reaching for greatness. In the same way that a flower will grow, open its petals and release its most beautiful fragrance, as in the following video.

This video is full of poetry and subtlety, but it is the image of the world of living nature that surrounds us.

When I sit at the foot of a tree, I let myself be impregnated by its quietness. The tree communicates a strength to you, it shows you how you should be.

So, no matter how much we read about the tree of life, often quite abstract things I must say, if you do not experience the desire to be one with the tree, you will remain on the periphery of the meaning of this tree of life.

The tree of life is like all these vibrational symbols that we propose to you. The purpose of life is to be a mandala, to be a tree of life. It is to be who you really are, not what we said you were. It is to take back your life.

Dare to experiment and discover what you don't know yet.

This world that surrounds us aspires to capture us, to lock us into something dead, sterile. Our inner life is like petrified. The inner life? This word is even foreign to many people.

To get closer to living nature is to re-establish a connection with ourselves, which is essential. Look at the plants, the shapes, the colors, the smells. Listen to the sounds, soak up what surrounds you. Feel the earth under your feet, feel the nature around you and connect with what is alive and pure.

Unconsciously, men and women are turning more and more to the symbol of the tree of life, in the form of jewelry or otherwise. Why do we do this? Because internally we aspire to a greater life, in harmony with the great whole.

And today we are cut off from our own nature.

In our western civilizations, everything is done to cut us from ourselves, to cut us from the others. Have you noticed that when you are in a waiting room, in public transport or elsewhere, everyone is riveted on the screen of his cell phone? We don't even dare to look at the people around us. It's crazy, isn't it?

All the initiatory traditions have spoken of the tree and associated it with life and universal knowledge, the transmission of wisdom. In life we must know what our roots are and what our branches are. We must preserve our inner tree because it is the organism of life within us.

By focusing on the tree of life within us and bringing it to life in all our activities, we bring order and allow the great cycle of evolution to act to transform and unify everything for the good.

A practical exercise to connect with the tree

Do this exercise: stand on the ground, in the forest if you can, and simply look at a tree.

In the book "My brother the tree", there is this wise word, like a meditation essence.

"When you stand tall
in your inner dignity,
when you walk on the earth,
when you speak, when you act,
when you carry within you beautiful thoughts
that make your soul live,
be aware and awaken in your inner self the sacred image
the sacred image of the majestic tree.
There is the earth around you
with all its sacred laws,
but there is also the Earth within you
and it is in it that the Tree of Life must take root
the Tree of Life.
The man united to God is
a king of Light, a great tree
placed on the inner Earth of man.
He opens the door to the cosmic ocean
and brings to the Earth the Light from above
Know that he who created the tree
also created man in his original goodness
Honor him who created the tree and placed it
before you as a path to the highest
Light of the spirit.
The tree must live in you and that is why
you must concentrate on it
Then it can inspire you and connect you
to the eternal wisdom."

Let us have living roots, a stable and powerful trunk, foliage that breathes in harmony with the universe, and above all, let us bear fruit. Like the fruit tree, we too must bear fruit because it is the key to happiness and a beautiful and useful life.

The tree of life speaks to us about all this. And that is why we feel unconsciously (or not) connected to it. It tells us about ourselves, it tells us about life. It shows us the way.

And by focusing on it, you will connect with this wisdom in all consciousness.

How to use the Tree of Life?

● Placing a Tree of Life underneath your food, drinks, seeds and food supplements will energize them.
● You can place your stones, minerals on this symbol to cleanse and recharge them.
● You can also hang a Tree of Life on the wall to reharmonize certain rooms.
● To meditate

Energising glass plate
Tree of Life canvas
Tree of Life Suncatcher

Why wear a Tree of Life?

Sacred geometry symbols act as talismans, amulets or good luck charms. They connect us to the great tree of life.

They will help you restructure and are a reminder of the presence of the magic of the tree in and around you.

The Tree of Life is a symbol that has a sacred character but is also so close to us, it speaks to our soul.

Tree of Life jewelry : Tree of Life necklace / pendant

The Tree of Life jewelry will naturally radiate their positive energies and their soul of life on you and your environment.

You will be able to draw from your pendant the strength and protection you need on a daily basis. The tree is the source of life. It is a nourishing earth that will feed you internally throughout your day.

Welcoming the vibratory symbol, whatever it is, in your life instantly brings a subtle change in your daily life, a blessing and a presence of Light that makes all the difference.

At any time of the day, when you feel the need, you can look at your Tree of Life necklace to find stability and inner peace. It will be like a concentration to refocus you on the essential.

Our Tree of Life jewelry is made of 925 silver. This means that they will not oxidize over time and will not turn black as is the case with many jewelry pieces.

Your pendant is carefully presented in a beautiful box made for this purpose, ready to be offered. A beautiful box for an unforgettable gift.

Why offer a Tree of Life?

Giving a Tree of Life is a delicate intention, a personalized intention tooffer the best to the people you love. It is like offering a part of yourself.

If we look closely at this symbol, we see through the branches of the tree that we are finally connected to each other. We are not separated, contrary to what we would like to believe.

Discover our Tree of Life collection

A collection created and printed by us in the south of France

Make a Tree of Life tattoo

Getting a tattoo is not a trivial act. Each shape emits a vibration: this is what we call the shape waves.

So be careful about the harmony of the design and the intention you have in getting a tattoo.

And if you want to go further in the discovery of the tree, I invite you to read the book mentioned below in the sources. I don't usually recommend readings but this one is really inspiring because it gives us another vision on the tree and the living nature. And especially in this book there are many practical exercises to enter in communion with the tree.

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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