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Owl pendulum mat

Owl pendulum mat

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    Satin tarot cloth 60x60 cm – Flower of Life

    Satin tarot cloth 60x60 cm...

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      Flower of Life cotton pouch

      Flower of Life cotton pouch

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        Triquetra velvet pouch

        Triquetra velvet pouch

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          Divination, the mystical practice of predicting the future or communicating with spiritual forces, has always fascinated humanity. Whether you're an experienced professional or a curious novice, using the right divination props can enhance your experience. In our esoteric shop dedicated to sacred geometry you will find different divination accessories. We guide you so you know how to use them, and how they can enrich your spiritual journey.

          What is divination or the art of divination?

          Divination, also known as the art of divination, is an ancient practice aimed at obtaining information about future events, unknown situations or hidden aspects of reality using various tools, techniques or psychic gifts. It is based on the idea that spiritual forces or entities can communicate answers or signs to those who seek to know more.

          Divination methods vary greatly from culture to culture and from time to time. Some of the most common forms of divination include cartomancy (reading cards, such as the Tarot), palmistry (reading hand lines), crystallomancy (using crystals), numerology (number analysis), astrology (study of the positions of the stars), dowsing (use of wands or pendulums), reading tea leaves, divination using runes, scrying (observation of reflective surfaces, such as crystal balls), and many more more besides.

          Divination practitioners use these tools and techniques to interpret specific symbols, signs or elements, in order to provide information and guidance to those who consult. Divination is often used to gain insight into personal matters, to explore aspects of spirituality, to make important decisions, or to anticipate the future.

          It is important to note that divination is often associated with esoteric, mystical or religious beliefs, and its effectiveness is subject to varying opinions. Some people view divination as a useful practice for obtaining spiritual guidance, while others view it as pseudoscience or an irrational belief. The perception of divination varies depending on cultural and personal beliefs.

          Esoteric products for divination, magic or cartomancy

          Now that we've covered the basics, let's explore the essential divination accessories that enrich this practice.

          Tarots or oracle cards

          Tarots are perhaps the most iconic cards in divination. They consist of 78 cards, each with a unique meaning. Tarot readers draw the cards to answer questions, explore situations, and guide people through their spiritual journey. The cards are divided into the major and minor arcana, each with specific meanings.

          Oracle cards are similar to Tarots, but they are more flexible in design and meaning. Each deck of oracle cards is unique, often created by artists or intuitive mediums. They are used to get quick answers to questions or to provide spiritual guidance.

          What is the best oracle for divination?

          It is important to note that the choice of oracle for divination depends heavily on individual preferences and intuitions. What works best for one person may not work for another. There is therefore no "best" universal oracle, but rather oracles that resonate more with practitioners.

          There are a variety of oracles, such as Tarots, oracle cards, runes, Lenormand cards, angel cards, and many others. Take the time to learn about each one to find the one that appeals to you the most.

          Our partner esoteric stores, with their expertise, are excellent resources to guide you in choosing your oracle. Feel free to visit them, ask questions, and explore the different options available to find the one that best resonates with your own divination path.

          Divination mats

          Divination mats, also known as reading mats or Tarot mats, are tools specially designed to enhance the divination experience, especially when reading Tarot cards. These mats play a vital role in staging a divination session, helping practitioners create sacred space and connect more deeply with their cards and intuition.

          The Art of Divination and the Importance of the Mat

          Divination is an ancient practice dating back to antiquity, and it has always been surrounded by ritual and symbolism. Tarologists and Tarot card readers, in particular, place great importance on preparing their workspace. Divination rugs serve as a symbolic and aesthetic backdrop to this preparation.

          Create a conducive environment

          Divination mats help create an environment conducive to concentration and meditation. The choice of colors, patterns and symbols on the mat can influence the atmosphere of the divination session. Colors can be calming, uplifting or inspiring, while patterns and symbols can reinforce the meaning and significance of Tarot cards.

          Improve intuitive connection

          When a card reader places their cards on the divination mat, they establish a deeper connection with their cards and their intuition. The mat becomes a sacred space where the practitioner can focus on the energies at play and the messages the cards reveal. It helps reduce distractions and maintain full concentration on the session.

          Organize the layout of the cards

          Divination mats also provide a precise framework for organizing Tarot cards. They provide specific locations for past, present, and future cards, as well as base cards or significant cards. This allows the card reader to follow a consistent structure when reading and provide a clear and orderly interpretation.


          Pendulum mats

          Pendulum mats, sometimes called pendulum divining mats, are tools used in the practice of dowsing, a form of divination that relies on using a pendulum to gain answers to questions or insights into situations. specific. These mats are designed to enhance the accuracy of the responses provided by the pendulum by creating an appropriate and symbolic environment for the divination session.

          Dowsing and the role of pendulum mats

          Dowsing is an ancient practice dating back to ancient times and is based on the idea that answers to specific questions can be obtained through pendulum movements in response to energies or environmental influences. Dowsers, also called "dowsers" or "pendulists", use pendulums, usually suspended from a chain or rope, to perform divinations or obtain answers through oscillatory or circular movements of the pendulum.

          Create a conducive workspace

          Pendulum mats play an essential role in dowsing by creating a sacred and symbolic workspace. They provide visual support and structure the environment in which the pendulum is used. The patterns and symbols on the mat can influence the perception of the energy and the responses obtained by the pendulum.

          Channel energy

          Pendulum mats also serve to channel the energy of the pendulum and focus it on the question at hand. The choice of colors, symbols and patterns can help create a deeper connection with the dowser's intuition and strengthen alignment with spiritual or energetic forces.

          Organize responses

          During a dowsing session, the pendulum responds with specific movements that may indicate "yes", "no", "I don't know", or other answers. Pendulum mats are designed to help organize these responses by providing specific areas for each type of response. This makes the pendulum responses easier to read and ensures a clear interpretation.


          Tarot card pouches

          Tarot card pouches are essential accessories for any Tarot card reader. They serve to protect and preserve precious Tarot cards, while adding a touch of aesthetics and mystery to the reading experience. In this text, we will explore the importance of tarot card pouches, their varieties, and how they help enrich the practice of cartomancy.

          The Importance of Tarot Card pouches

          Tarot cards are much more than just divination tools. They are imbued with symbolism, deep meanings and powerful energies. For card readers, these cards are spiritual partners who deserve special care and respect. This is where tarot card pouches come into play.

          Card protection

          One of the main functions of pouches is to protect Tarot cards from wear, dust and damage. Tarot cards are generally designed to last a long time, but they are susceptible to scratches and dirt, which can impair their energy and accuracy. The pouches keep the cards in good condition, ensuring the longevity of this valuable tool.

          Maintaining energy purity

          Tarot card pouches are about more than just physical protection. They also serve to maintain the energetic purity of the cards. Tarot is a form of divination that relies on the interpretation of energies, and the pouches help to preserve this energy by preventing the cards from absorbing unwanted external energies.

          Creation of a sacred atmosphere

          Tarot card pouches can also help create a sacred and special atmosphere during divination sessions. Wrapped in beautiful pouches, Tarot cards are presented with respect and solemnity, which promotes a deeper connection with spiritual energies.

          Our velvet pouches

          Velvet pouches are luxurious and soft to the touch. They provide additional protection against scratches and add a touch of opulence to the divination session.

          We have declined them in a variety of sacred geometry symbols and esoteric symbols.

          Tarot card pouches are not only practical accessories, they are also essential items for any serious card reader. They protect the cards, preserve their energy, and add a symbolic dimension to the divination session. They help enrich the cartomancy experience by creating a respectful and sacred environment for card reading.

          How to choose your divination accessories

          Choosing the right divination accessories is essential for a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

          1. Know your Interests

          Before purchasing divination accessories, consider your interests and feelings in choosing the symbols that speak to you the most. Some people are naturally drawn to the Flower of Life, while others feel more in harmony with the Pentacle. Follow your intuition.

          2. Learn and practice

          Divination is not something you will master overnight. Take the time to learn the meanings of the cards, crystals, or runes. Practice regularly on your divination mat to develop your skills.

          3. Trust your intuition

          Intuition plays a crucial role in choosing your divination accessories. Listen to your instincts when you have to choose. Your intuition can guide you to deeper answers.

          Unique esoteric products

          In conclusion, divination props are powerful tools for exploring the mysteries of the future and spirituality. Whether you opt for Tarots, oracle cards, runes or other methods, it is essential to follow your intuition, practice regularly and constantly learn to perfect your skills.

          The divination accessories that you will find on our esoteric store dedicated to sacred geometry are unique creations that we print in our workshop in an artisanal way.

          They can help you get answers, find inner peace, and connect to higher spiritual energies. Whether your interest in divination is personal or professional, these tools will guide you on the path to self-discovery and wisdom.

          Remember that divination is a spiritual practice and respect and integrity are essential. Use these accessories with great care, and may they bring you clarity and light in your spiritual journey.