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Take-everywhere cotton pouch

You are used to slipping your jewelry, stones or precious objects directly into your bag. But now you're wondering if it's not better to store them in a cotton pouch so as not to damage them?

We are always committed to protecting our most precious objects.

Our cotton pouches are handcrafted in India and offer very beautiful finishes.

You can take them everywhere with you without risking losing them.

Protective pouch for stones

Protects your precious stones, your stone jewelry and increases their vibratory rate thanks to the symbols of sacred geometry.

When you are a lover of stones in general, you can quickly become a collector. We're going to leave our stones lying around on the desk, in the library, on the bedside table. Or we stack them on a piece of furniture to decorate the room because they are magnificent, we are not going to hide it!

And all our rolled stones can quickly end up in a drawer, placed in a pocket. Is this the best way to take care of these beauties and allow them to preserve their energy and their benefits?

If you are a lithotherapy enthusiast, you know that the stones act on their environment thanks to their energy and their vibrations. Thus minerals act on us but also on everything that comes into contact with them.

If you are in a hurry you can perfectly put all your stones together in the same pocket.

However, be aware that the ideal way to store your stones is to simply classify them by color. This way you meet the needs of your minerals.

If you store your crystals in bulk, near each other, you put them permanently in contact with stones whose energies are fundamentally different. This constant encounter between contrary energies does not allow them to take the rest they deserve.

It is also good to remember that some stones do not like direct sunlight such as amethyst which loses its color over time. Even if it is magnificent, it is better to keep it sheltered or have it stay regularly in a dark place in order to preserve its deep shine. Your pouch is ideal for this.

And finally, the symbols of sacred geometry have this ability to cleanse and recharge the stones thanks to the waves of form. You no longer have to worry about the next full moon or the cleaning and recharging method that corresponds to each of your stones. It quickly becomes a headache.

Place your stones on the Flower of Life pouch for example. If you want to know more about the subject, read our blog article dedicated to recharging stones with the Flower of Life.

Pouch for stones

Tarot pouch

When you start cartomancy you tend to leave the cards in their original box. Many people don't like leaving their cards in their box very much, unless the box looks more like a small box than a retail package. But this is rarely the case.

A few precautions to take when you receive your beautiful tarot pouch. Put your cotton pouch and your cards in incense smoke (olibanum or natural incense) before their first use.

Why ?

Because there are probably other people who will have handled your cards and your pocket before you. The cards are a very personal, even intimate object, and if you want to eliminate the energy residues that could harm your cards and your work, we advise you to spend a few minutes in the smoke of incense to purify them.

When you have purified your pocket and your cards, you can finally store them in your beautiful pocket.

It is important that this cotton pouch is only used for one deck, because each tarot and oracle has its own energy. By switching the pockets, you will mix the energies, which could affect your results.

Then, in your pocket, you can slip different objects which will reinforce the energy rate of your cards. For example a personal object containing your energy (which will strengthen your link with your game), or rolled stones which will protect your cards from possible negative energies, and which will charge them. You can also slip in esoteric symbols, such as a Protection Pentacle.

You can finally place your cards on your cotton pouch and set a specific intention. Each sacred geometry symbol will emit a wavelengt form that will enhance your work with the cards.

These small gestures will help you strengthen your bond with your cards and increase their energy as well as the accuracy of their response (the stronger your bond, the more accurate the responses).

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