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Flower of Life towel

Flower of Life towel

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Lotus Flower towel

Lotus Flower towel

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Microfiber towels

Discover our collection of microfiber towels with printed patterns of sacred geometry. A touch of colours, zen, and beautiful energies to accompany you everywhere in your daily life.

Microfiber towels offer optimal drying thanks to their great absorbency and lightness. They are easy to transport and dry quickly, avoiding humidity problems. At Mandalashop, their durability and their wide choice of patterns and colours make them practical and aesthetic companions for your moments of drying and relaxation.

Why a microfiber towel?

Our towels are microfiber on top and oeko-tex cotton on the bottom.

Today's microfiber towels give you many benefits:

Extremely absorbent: Today's microfiber towels are much more absorbent than a traditional cotton towel. That's one of the main reasons it's such a popular choice for use as a beach, pool, or yoga towel.

Quick drying: A microfiber towel will provide faster drying results than cotton.

No Fading or Colour Loss: microfiber towels undergo rigid microfiber technology to prevent rapid fading. The colours of our microfiber towels cover 4 to 5 parameters for sun resistance.

Microfiber beach towel

Our microfiber towels fit easily into a bag, making them convenient to carry. Thanks to their quick-drying ability, you can use them repeatedly without compromising their effectiveness. Microfiber beach towels can be transformed into beach towels or bath towels to give you a spacious and comfortable area where you can relax and enjoy the sun freely.

It is a great gift idea for your loved ones, combining practicality and fashion. With our microfiber bath towels, you never compromise on quality, quick drying and comfort, whether you're active or a fan of tanning. Take full advantage of your moments of relaxation and your sports activities with our exceptional microfiber towels!

Microfiber bath towel

The microfiber towel has it all. Thanks to its composition, it has an enormous absorption power that allows your skin to dry quickly while not retaining bad odours and eliminating bacteria.

Even at the aesthetic level, it works wonders since it takes care of wet hair by drying it quickly, reducing split ends and preventing the appearance of frizz. So, don't wait any longer to choose your microfiber towel from our selection.

Microfiber towel for travel, swimming pool, and gym

To be sporty and always dry, nothing better than our quality accessories such as microfiber towels! Their great absorbency makes it possible to quickly eliminate any excess water, thus allowing you to remain comfortably dry during your sports activities. Whether you're going to the pool, tennis, fitness or bodybuilding, our microfiber towels are your essential companions.

To guarantee optimal drying performance, you can take them with you everywhere! Our patterns will allow you to stand out and easily spot them among the others. And if you prefer to relax in the sun, our microfiber beach towel can be used for your tanning sessions. It offers a large space to lie down comfortably and enjoy the sun in peace. Opt for our microfiber towels with ever more colourful and original patterns.

Where to buy an original microfiber towel?

Buy at Mandalashop your microfiber towel in the colours of sacred geometry symbols. Original creations that you will not find anywhere else! Our towels with printed patterns will accompany you in all your activities, for the pleasure of the youngest and the oldest.

Composition of your microfiber towel

Microfiber on the top, 100% Cotton on the reverse (Oeko-Tex fabric). 400gsm
Our towels are very suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Dimensions: 70x140cm

At what temperature should you wash your microfiber towel?

Be careful not to exceed 60°C, we recommend washing at 40°C which is more than enough and will preserve the quality of the microfiber. Best to wash with similar colours. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Do not iron microfibers.