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Wavelenght form: definition

Our daily life is populated by forms that radiate a specific energy. They constantly influence our environment.

A shape wave is a drawing composed of geometric shapes, of symbols. A symbol carries within it a whole universe, a whole world. It is the synthesis of a universe of concepts, of ideas. The seed, for example, is a symbol. It carries the potential of the tree, of its next fruits and therefore of the forest that will come after...

Everything around us emits a wavelenght, even if we cannot see it with the naked eye. In the same way, all forms emit waves. The action and power of these waves depend on the form itself

Geometric shapes, based on the golden ratio, have perfect proportions. The more a shape is based on the divine proportion, the more its influence will be great because it will be closer to the cosmic archetypes

We find these pure geometric shapes in nature: the circle, the square, the spiral, the triangle, the star... Some shapes also have great strength because they have been nurtured within ancestral traditions: the Taoist Yin-Yang, the Egyptian Cross of Life, the Seal of Solomon... and the Flower of Life!

How can a shape have an energetic effect?

I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to apprehend because the energy is not necessarily perceived by the naked eye.

So I usually use the telephone waves as an example. How is it possible to hear someone who is a few miles away, sometimes hundreds of miles away or even on the other side of the world?

Sound is carried by waves and yet you don't see them (although most of us can feel them... headache, ear heating etc.).

It is the same phenomenon with the tide. The tide is due to the force of attraction exerted by the moon and the sun and to the rotation of the earth. But the Earth is not alone and it turns on itself! So the water in the sea is attracted by the moon (especially) and the sun. The sea rises and falls regularly.

You see, there are phenomena that exist and that we do not see. And yet, nobody questions them!

Well, it's exactly the same with geometric shapes!

Each geometric body has its own vibratory energy, which depends on its shape. This is called the wavelenght form. Already in ancient Egypt, as well as in other ancient cultures, it was known that certain forms were more adequate than others when it came to capturing cosmic energies and manifesting them.

It was even considered that certain geometrical figures and proportions had the capacity to reproduce the harmonious order of the cosmos on earth and to ensure that the Micro-Cosmos here (a temple or a pyramid) was the exact representation of the Macro-Cosmos above

This knowledge is called Sacred Geometry. It is the foundation of all sacred buildings (cathedrals, temples, pyramids, ...), all over the world.

If the forms and proportions of Sacred Geometry often seem harmonious and pleasant to us, it is because they come to us from Nature: from the arrangement of the petals of many flowers, from the body shapes of animals and even from the proportions of the human body. Many of these geometric elements are also part of the crop circles: they are all based on the shapes and proportions of Sacred Geometry and the golden ratio.

On the other hand, not all forms in our environment are balanced and harmonious and do not follow the laws of divine proportion. Only those that are, will seduce our eye and stimulate our interest.

Among all the forms that surround us and that all have various influences, only the forms with which we have established a conscious relationship will emit a vibration amplified by this interactivity.

On what principle are their effects based?

It is now widely recognized that the structure of the atom is actually energy in constant vibration. The great whole is an ocean of vibrations of an infinite spectrum of frequencies. The links between electrons, atoms, molecules and different bodies form vibratory and informative matrices of unlimited diversity

By resonance effect, interactions occur at all levels of our planet. This vibratory symphony acts on all levels, most of which are still inaccessible to official science

Animals, whose ability to perceive and localize the frequencies of their home or partner over very long distances is well known, demonstrate the superiority of the perception capacity of living beings over scientific measurement methods

However, the natural electromagnetic frequency spectrum is not only a carrier of information, but also a transmitter of universal and subtle life energy.

There are devices that are able to establish a field of shape wave energy. For example, if concentrated energy is applied to food or drinks, their vitality can be greatly improved within a few minutes

Pure water is a particularly suitable medium for receiving the energy of the form waves

Biological and homeopathic medicines can also be activated by form wave energy and their effectiveness can be significantly improved. The growth of plants is promoted, their germination capacity is increased, and their growth rate can be increased in an astonishing way

Domestic animals that have not been denatured by their contact with humans and therefore still have an intact instinct prefer food that has been energized by the energy of the form waves. Human beings also benefit greatly from this energy as it stimulates the vibrations of all our cells.

Radionics and wavelenght forms

According to Wikipedia, radionics is defined as follows:

"The field of dowsing that deals withremote action by shape waves. The name was first given in the United States for therapeutic and practical purposes.

The expression "wave of form" was created by Léon Chaumery and André de Belizal in the 1930s. Their work and that of Enel are a reference in the world of so-called scientific dowsing. Jean de la Föye continued this research and established relationships with the ancient Hebrew in collaboration with Gaston Bardet. Since then Jacques Ravatin has demonstrated that the waves of form are not "waves" in the sense of classical physics but a phenomenon of emergence due to the forms from the concept of coherence field. For Ravatin, dowsing is not a divinatory process but a method of exploration of the so-called "landmarkless" existence

Well, if we try to synthesize a little, radionics is a sister discipline of dowsing. Until now very discreet, almost secret, it allows the radionicist to direct the subtle energy of the emissions due to the forms thanks to the power of its creative thought

Thanks to the waves of form, the radionician or "transmitter" will rebalance at distance the disturbed vibratory field, transmit an electro-magnetic information which will modify positively the vibratory frequency of the receiver. Radionics has applications in the field of health and well-being, but also in the treatment of plants and animals, soil diseases, detection of telluric waves, etc.

Some wavelenght forms symbols or beneficial wavelenght forms

Wavelenght form: the circle

We often tend to ignore it but the circle is the symbol of the universe, the symbol of the great Whole. Empty, it represents the inanimate universe, the chaos. It is also attributed the number zero.

This empty circle can signify the end of one cycle as well as the beginning of another. The world has not yet been created, the consciousness not yet awakened, all the possibilities are there and are waiting to be put into action. It is free energy that is not yet polarized. The empty circle is like a cell without a nucleus.

The zero was discovered by the Maya. They represented the zero by a spiral or a shell, symbols of the fetus folded up in the uterus and waiting to come into the world.

In popular thought, it is interesting to note that the zero carries a negative meaning, for example: to have zero morale, to be a zero, a null.

This symbol of the empty circle is very powerful. It is the ultimate goal of the spiritual quest of the philosopher and the yogi; to reach or taste emptiness (the state of what is empty) is to pass to the other side of the mirror.

Empty and full at the same time, beginning and end of a manifestation.

In Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism, its symbolism represents the evolution and involution of the universe in relation to a central point. Mandalas are painted in color on paper or fabric or drawn on the ground.

Wavelenght form : the Triskel

The Triskel is often mentioned as an example of a waveform.

A universal symbol of movement and the cycle of life, the Triskel combines the harmony of sacred geometry with a symbolism that links us to the laws of nature.

Somehow it is the link between the forces of the earth and the celestial and cosmic forces.

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Wavelenght form : energy of the pyramid

We see on the internet many sellers of orgonites in the shape of pyramids.

Personally, these creations have never attracted me, but it is obvious that the pyramid has a strong vibratory power.

However, while writing my article on sacred geometry in architecture, and while doing research on pyramids, I discovered that for the use of pyramids, certain rules of positioning must be respected to optimize their efficiency and avoid the opposite effect, even neutral.

So find out more before using this form wave in your daily life.

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Wavelenght form : the scallop shell

Since ancient times, scallop shells were used and worn to protect against witchcraft, evil spells and diseases

The scallop shell is a natural shape wave; according to the same principle as the Pyramids, it has been chosen for its shape as a holy water font in many churches. Indeed, its particularly purifying waveform positively charges the holy water it contains, so that it remains "pure".

If we measure its vibratory rate, we see that it vibrates to infinity. On the other hand, we notice that it has proportions related to the Golden Number, because its shape is part of a geometric form, the pentagon. This geometrical shape is "a golden shape " which means that it characterizes energies in perfect balance, which explains its beneficial virtues.

Wavelenght form : the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life has existed since the beginning of time.

Stone engravings of this figure with intertwined circles (the Flower of Life) have been discovered in Egypt at Abydos in the Temple of Osiris, in Turkey on the paving of the Temple of Artemis, in Asia on the paving of the "Golden Temple" in Amritsar, etc.

The image of the Flower of Life is found not only in Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, but also in China, Tibet, Greece and Japan.

It can be found almost everywhere. There is a reason for this, don't you think?

Like a cell division, the circles multiply and the form unfolds. The Flower of Life symbolizes both creation and growth, both of which are found naturally in nature and in humans.

This is why this geometrical shape is recognized everywhere to energize and harmonize.

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Positive and negative wavelenght forms

As we have just seen, some geometric shapes have a positive effect on our environment.

On the other hand, some forms can have an opposite effect: I think for example of inverted pentagram. This inverted symbol is so associated with dark magic that I strongly advise against using it in this way.

A negative shape wave can have really unfortunate consequences in your life. It can cause :

- Sleep problems
- Stress
- Emotional and relational imbalances
- Problems in your daily life (accident or other)
- Hormonal problems
- Etc.

What is the most powerful wavelenght form?

I understand that many people are wondering about this subject.

Some people swear by the Flower of Life, others believe that the Metatron Cube is the most powerful symbol because it is a condensation of the 5 Platonic solids, the Merkabah and the Flower of Life.

What if we asked ourselves the question differently?

What if we asked ourselves what symbol suits us instead of looking for "more and more"?

It is for this reason that we always invite you to listen to your own feelings when choosing a symbol. Indeed, we often see many people looking for a Flower of Life.

And as I mentioned above, the Flower of Life is typically a symbol that many people have focused on in the past. These forms have accumulated a powerful energy and will emit a vibration that is enhanced by the power of the egregore to which they are connected.

So in the end, is your choice conscious or unconscious and guided by others?

Wavelenght forms to print

We offer you several symbols to download and print for free:

- The Flower of Life to print

- The Sri Yantra

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you liked it.

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