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About 70% of our planet is covered with water, and about 70% of the human body is only water. Without water we could not exist and neither could the earth exist as we know it. Water is as important as it is irreplaceable.

What can you do to purify all the water in your body?

Masaru Emoto, Japanese professor recognized for his scientific experiments on the subject, and author of numerous books, demonstrated that by exposing water to beautiful vibrations (words, sounds etc.), the quality of the water was significantly improved.

Words, images, are a form of vibration. Thus, if you bring to life the beautiful virtues such as Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, in your life, it will be transformed.

If you place your water, your food, or even your essential oils, your medicines on an energising plate, you will inform them of the beautiful vibrations of the symbols of sacred geometry.

And if you get used to exposing them to positive virtues, the water in and around your body will become more beautiful and cleaner, and will be a source of health and well-being.

How to choose your energising plate?

Take a look at our collection of energising plates and ask yourself which one is the most beautiful symbol. The one you think is the most beautiful is the symbol you need. This is what your heart is looking for and what it wants to resonate with.

If you feel that the Mandala of Peace is the most beautiful, then you need Peace in your life (or it can also be the symbol you are most in affinity with).

You can choose to wake up in the morning and look after your life and / or that of your family with Peace, even feeling at peace while eating.

And on a daily basis, by placing your energising plate in your kitchen or your dining room table for example, you make this vibration of Peace radiate in your daily life, in your space and therefore in your life. Then you can be sure that your life will be more peaceful.

And you can go further by cultivating thoughts of Peace throughout your day by connecting to your symbol.

Geometric shapes based on the golden ratio have the power to relax and bring about great inner transformations. They have the ability to increase your vibratory rate. Each one offers a unique vibration. Even just having them close to you will create vibrations that you can resonate with.

Make the water in your heart become like these beautiful Mandalas, like all these sacred geometry symbols. This is where all change begins.

What is the real message of each Mandala, of each symbol? What message is hidden in the energies, the vibrations that can change your life? The easiest way is to let yourself be inspired by the symbol, instead of putting concepts from our world into it.

Each glass energising plate is hand-printed by us. It does not scratch, it is resistant.

You can put hot cups on it without any problem. On the other hand, you should avoid putting hot dishes on them that come from the fire or the oven, for example.

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