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7-chakra stone incense holder (long)

7-chakra stone incense...

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    Incense holder and incense burner

    Incense holder and incense burner

    Each type of incense needs its appropriate incense burner! Put the incense stick in a long incense holder to burn your incense stick safely. As for incense cones, resins and powder, try our square-shaped stone (sandstone) incense holders.

    Used in different cultures around the world for ceremonies and prayers, lighting incense has today become a daily gesture for many people.

    It purifies the atmosphere and creates an atmosphere conducive to rituals.

    Stoneware incense burners are original, modern and truly unique. They are either square or tablet shaped, with digital imprint of spiritual symbols and chakras.

    They are handcrafted in India.

    Original incense holder

    No more wooden incense holders by opting for a more modern incense burner that will fit more easily into your home.

    We have selected stone incense holders, since they are made of stoneware. The finishes are very beautiful and you will enjoy watching your incense burn.

    Flower of Life incense holder

    Purify your atmospheres with incense and sacred geometry symbols.

    The multicolored Flower of Life and the 7 chakras will embellish your sacred space, your altar. They will be soon essential tools for you.