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Zen spiritual box

Zen spiritual box

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Flower of Life spiritual box

Flower of Life spiritual box

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Spiritual box - 100% artisanal

Are you looking for a spiritual box and you have trouble choosing the one that will suit you best?

At Mandalashop we have developed themed spiritual boxes.

Mandalashop Spiritual box

These boxes are intended for all those who want to improve their daily lives, to refocus on them and to find a spiritual balance.

We do not wish to offer a subscription, as is often done elsewhere. We consider this to be unnecessary. Simply choose the spiritual box that best suits you and best meets your current needs.

Our vocation is not to sell stones, minerals or incense.

However, we consider, for example, that lithotherapy is complementary to the use of sacred geometry symbols. We ourselves use the stones in our daily life.

What is lithotherapy?

The term lithotherapy comes from the Greek Lithos which means stone and Therapeia, therapy. Lithotherapy is a technique that uses the properties of stones and crystals with the aim of providing care.

Stones and crystals act on the physical and psychic level by rebalancing the vital functions of the body. Lithotherapy is one of the holistic energy therapies that are known to promote balance in the body.

Stones and crystals can be used in different ways: by direct contact on the skin in jewelry for example, in massage with crystal oils, in the form of elixirs.

The stones act exactly like the symbols of sacred geometry: each stone and colour corresponds to a wavelength which is specific to it and which is called "frequency". The stone will convey its energy frequency and with its own colour, potentiate its effect.

They can rebalance the chakras in pain.

Sacred geometry: the power of symbols

Since the dawn of time people have used sacred geometry.

The ancients considered the experience of Sacred Geometry to be essential to the education of the soul. They knew these patterns were symbolic of our own inner realm and were important for higher consciousness and self-awareness. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit and creates harmony within ourselves and between ourselves and the outside world. It is often called "sacred architecture" because it underpins everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation.

Sacred geometry as it contains high frequencies of energy and light that can activate, heal, awaken and transform. Symbols are like codes that assist you on your life journey, but can also be used more consciously to bring about a deep soul awakening and connection to your true divine essence. It can be used to open pathways and doorways to the infinite realms, as well as connecting to the unity of all life, in nature and in the entire world around us.

Sacred Geometry brings certain healing, harmonizing and rebalancing effects on all levels. It connects the inside and the outside, uniting everything.

We have devoted many articles on the subject on our blog, do not hesitate to go there.

Your esoteric box for well-being

As you will have understood, the combination of stones and symbols is a perfect combination to accompany you on a daily basis and improve your well-being.

By choosing one of our themed boxes you will discover:
• Products created and printed by us
• Quality stones chosen with care from a partner in France
• Items made in an artisanal way
• Be that as it may, articles to discover yourself and awaken the spark that lies dormant in you.
• Different themes: spirituality, protection, letting go, serenity, etc.