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Colorus are the language of Light. They fill the world, because everything is colour in us and around us. Although they are the result of a physical phenomenon - electromagnetic waves of different lengths - their true nature is above all spiritual. Each of them is a manifestation of the spirit and has the ability to influence our daily lives. The colors of our clothes or the decoration of our house are not neutral, they act for our well-being or our ill-being.

A life in black and white is sad, as a life without sunshine would be. Just as there are colours outside, you can also put colours inside and light up all the internal suns, which are called “chakras” in India.

Whatever you do, whatever happens to you in life, even when you are sad, joy is always present above you like a dancing and free flame thanks to our bright and colorful stickers.

Our self-adhesive stickers are supports for concentration and also a fantastic way to connect with geometric shapes related to life and the entire universe. Vibratory Mandalas and Sacred Geometry Symbols were designed to structure and harmonize the inner life. By their structure, they harmonize us and lead us to cultivate our interior space.

They have been designed to attract the most beneficial energies and influences into homes, places of work, places of prayer and meditation, places of life. They naturally repel harmful waves, negative moods, dark influences. They were designed for a better world, at all levels.

Decorative stickers

We offer a wide selection of high quality self-adhesive stickers that you can stick on your phone, notebook, computer, etc.

Each sticker is printed with a sacred geometry symbol. Just choose the one that suits you the most. and if you want to learn more about symbols, we invite you to browse our sacred geometry blog posts.

Car decals

If you want to stick a self-adhesive sticker in your car (or even in your bathroom) it is quite possible. Our adhesive stickers will be suitable for both plastic and glass surfaces.

If you take a break, you can concentrate on your sticker for a few moments. This will help you refocus and achieve inner calm.

French printing of cheap adhesive stickers

Where to find beautiful stickers?

Mandalashop offers on its online store self-adhesive stickers created and printed in France (either directly in our workshop or at a French printer). In this way, we guarantee a long life for our articles.

Where to buy stickers in store?

If you want to go to a physical store to buy your stickers, take a look at our reseller map to find the store closest to you.

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