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Balance and serenity: inspired stickers

Self-adhesive stickers are much more than just adhesive ornaments. They represent powerful symbols of sacred geometry that can bring deep meaning and captivating aesthetics to any object or space. In this article, we'll dive into the world of sacred geometry sticker stickers, explaining their meaning, usage, and customization.

Self-adhesive stickers: the magic of Sacred Geometry

An ancient tradition

Sacred geometry is an ancient tradition that explores geometric shapes and patterns considered sacred and spiritually and symbolically significant. These symbols have been used throughout the centuries in various cultures to represent concepts such as unity, creation, harmony and connection with the divine.

The power of symbols

Sacred geometry symbols have a special power to influence consciousness and energy. They are often used in meditation, healing and the quest for spiritual understanding. Self-adhesive stickers with these symbols offer an accessible way to integrate them into your daily life.

A daily source of inspiration

Colors are the language of Light. They fill the world, because everything is color in us and around us. Although they are the result of a physical phenomenon - electromagnetic waves of different lengths - their true nature is above all spiritual. Each of them is a manifestation of the spirit and has the capacity to influence our daily lives. The colors of our clothes or the decoration of our home are not neutral, they act for our well-being or our discomfort.

Our self-adhesive stickers are supports for concentration and also a fantastic way to connect with geometric shapes linked to life and the entire universe. Vibrational Mandalas and sacred geometry symbols were designed to structure and harmonize the inner life. By their structure, they harmonize us and lead us to cultivate our inner space.

They have been designed to attract the most beneficial energies and influences into homes, workplaces, places of prayer and meditation, living spaces. They naturally repel harmful waves, negative moods, dark influences. They were designed for a better world, at every level.

Where to put your adhesive stickers?

Sacred geometry sticker stickers are incredibly versatile. Very good quality, you can stick these products to virtually any surface: your laptop, your phone, your water bottle, your car, your newspaper, and much more. Give free rein to your creativity to personalize your objects and spaces.

By sticking these symbols on objects you use every day, you can constantly remind yourself of their deeper meaning. It can be a source of inspiration, focus and spiritual connection at any time of the day.

In September 2023 we changed the vinyl material and our stickers are now much more resistant than the previous ones. The possibilities of use are even more numerous. let your imagination run wild!

Wall sticker for a stylish decor

Self-adhesive wall stickers are the key to stylish and personalized decoration. With a variety of designs, colors and sizes, they allow you to quickly and easily transform your walls into unique works of art. Give your space a touch of creativity and elegance with self-adhesive wall decals that reflect your personal style. Express yourself and create an atmosphere that suits you with these versatile and trendy wall decorations.

If you are looking for large format stickers, go to the “wall stickers” section.

Original stickers for decoration: doors, kitchen, living room, bedroom

The original stickers are the ideal solution for indoor use and to enhance the decoration of your kitchen, living room and bedroom with style. Bring a unique touch to every room by choosing from a variety of creative designs. In the kitchen, add stickers that evoke well-being and conviviality. In the living room, opt for patterns that reflect your personality, why not a Tree of Life? And in the bedroom, create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere with stickers that inspire you. These original decorations are the perfect way to personalize your interior while giving it a touch of elegance and character.

Car stickers

Car stickers are the perfect way to give your vehicle a new look. Whether you want to add a touch of personality or creativity, self-adhesive stickers are the solution. Choose from a variety of designs, patterns and colors to customize your car to your unique style. Whether for a sporty, stylish look, or just for a touch of originality, bumper stickers are an affordable and fun way to turn your car into a personal statement on wheels.

How to Apply your Stickers

Applying our stickers is simple:

Prepare the surface: Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Peel off gently: Gently remove the sticker from its backing.

Place and press: Apply the sticker to the surface, gently pressing it from the center to the edges to avoid air bubbles.

Smooth: Depending on the format selected, use a plastic scraper or credit card to smooth the sticker and remove air bubbles.

Enjoy the meaning: Your item is now adorned with a sacred geometry symbol that will constantly remind you of its deeper meaning.

Sacred geometry sticker stickers are spiritual and aesthetic travel companions, bringing harmony, positive energy and meaning to your daily life. Explore our collection and personalize yours to create an inspired and connected environment.

Creation and printing made in France of cheap self-adhesive stickers

Where to find beautiful round stickers?

Mandalashop offers self-adhesive stickers on its online store created and printed in France by us. We thus guarantee a long lifespan for our items.

Where to buy stickers in store?

If you want to go to a physical store to buy your stickers, take a look at our reseller map to find the store closest to you.

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