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Mandalashop - Catalogue tous mandalas

Download here the list of mandalas in English.

How to choose your mandala?

Mandalas are radiations that transform our environment, as Feng Shui can do.

As soon as a mandala is put in one place, all energies are transformed, vibrations increase. Placing such a mandala in our environment or concentrating on it leads to helping us in our daily lives to transform and attract the vibrations of the corresponding energy to us.

These mandalas have been widely used in therapy to create a particular atmosphere and above all to change certain vibrations in a positive way.

It is important to have a certain choice of mandalas to find one that corresponds to "your mood of the moment". Do not choose a mandala with the mind but with the heart. Enter the inner calm and let yourself be attracted by the mandala that suits you best; it is by choosing with intuition that you will obtain the best results.

The mandala radiates and acts on its own in your home and on you. You can also take the time to recharge your batteries by looking at your mandala and trying to let yourself be absorbed by its universe.