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Do you need to bring new energy to your kitchen, to your office ... and thus find calm and harmony?

Are you looking for a quick and efficient solution to stay zen?

These Mandalas, Flower of Life and other sacred geometry symbols magnets are made for you!

Barely placed on your refrigerator or a magnetic board, the magnet increases the vibratory rate of the room and you will feel good there thanks to the wavelenght form generated by the powerful symbol of the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, or Mandala.

Each symbol has its own unique radiance. The Flower of Life or the Metatron's Cube have a more generic radiance while the Mandalas generate an energy of their own.

Vibratory Mandalas allow you to naturally tune into what is. They are a bridge that reminds us that the very essence of our being is sacred, magical, unified with the All.

They invite you to come into harmony with the magical world and let the beauty enter you. This world is not polluted with hypocritical good and evil. It is pure. By tapping into it, you will feel what is genuine, pure, eternally true emerging within you.

Choose your symbol according to your feelings.

Your magnet will have an action of vibratory harmonization, of balance of people and places of which everyone will feel the benefits according to their sensitivity.

This little accessory will quickly make the difference! Not only will it brighten up your space but especially yourselves when you go to lay your eyes on it! Its radiance and its beautiful energy will make you smile on all occasions.

Harmony and balance

Nature expresses the beauty and harmony of the Creator through circles, cyclical movements and rhythms.

It is his way of celebrating life and the Spirit and of revealing its presence to whoever wants to penetrate its mysteries by accepting to go to the heart of things and of being. It is an initiatory path which requires a transformation of oneself.

Nature uses symbols to transform energies, to sublimate them.

Geometric shapes, symbols, lead you in meditation, but also in action. They invite you to create your own mandala (sacred circle), to register yourself in the rhythm of life, to refocus yourself in the essential, to put order in you and around you, to become naturally authentic, deep, true, turned inward,

Energise the water

We do not necessarily think about it, because other supports may be better suited to it (such as the harmonising disk, or the energising plate), but you can have your glass or your bottle of water on your magnet.

It has the advantage of being particularly small if you want to remain discreet in the office, for example.

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