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Mandalashop offers you on its shop a varied selection of accessories with the effigy of the Triquetra. You have certainly already seen one or more of these symbols of sacred geometry in television series, in particular the Vampire Diaries or Charmed series. However, do you know the origins of this Celtic knot and its meaning? The Trinity knot, also known as the Triquetra, is a great symbol of Celtic culture. Let's discover together what it means and the accessories derived from this Celtic symbol.

What does the Triquetra look like?

The Triquetra is one of the most popular Celtic symbols in history. It can be seen in metal coins and in illuminated manuscripts (the Book of Kells for example), as well as in Celtic jewelry from the early Christian era. The Trinity knot has three angles which are precisely formed by “piscis vesicae”. These three pointed loops linked together by a line that never breaks can be accompanied by a circle in the center.

What is the origin of Triquetra?

To understand what the Triquetra represents, we must first look at its origin. Like many Viking symbols, the Celtic Trinity knot remains a symbol shrouded in mystery. Its true meaning and who designed it are still unknown.

According to some, the Triquetra is directly linked to Celtic culture. Others have managed to discover the Trinity knot in images of Norse Vikings, on some runestones and artifacts. For Christians, the Triquetra is an invention of the monks to bring the Celts to convert to Christianity.

The Celts claimed that the symbol was created by their people and was hijacked by Christians to alienate them from their ideology. The Trinity knot has thus been found on stones dating from the year 1000 of our era. It is also engraved on rune stones and German currency.


Use of Triquetra accessories

The use of Triquetra is diverse and varied today. You can find this Celtic symbol on jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets...). On Mandalashop, you can get by ordering Triquetra accessories like:

- round energizing plate,
- purple candleholder,
- pencil holder,
- energizing plate,
- mug,
- canvas,
- harmonizing disk,
- mouse pad and harmonizing mat.

Triquetra sacred geometry items are also original gift ideas to offer to your beloved one as a symbol of love, protection and honor. Being linked to the number 3, the Trinity knot is therefore the symbol of perfection. It celebrates the power, strength and generative capacity of women.

Thanks to its positive energy, it is ideal for a healing ritual. Whatever meanings flow from the Trinity knot, remember that the representation is used to protect life, heal the sick, but also manifest love. Order your Triquetra accessories on Mandalashop at an affordable price to rebalance your energy state.

To use the Trinity knot, place the symbol under your food, drink, supplement to energize it. You can also hang our Triquetra canvas on the wall to protect your fireplace or to reharmonize your home. So get one of our Triquetra accessories at the best on Mandalashop and receive it in delivery as soon as possible.

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