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The Indian chakras are the basis of Ayurvedic medicine. This millennial philosophy allows you to boost your energies to transform your life. At Mandalashop, we invite you to discover Indian chakras and use them to your advantage through our articles.

Understanding the Indian Chakras

According to the Vedic scriptures, chakras mean wheel. This is a metaphor that illustrates well the action of the chakras. Energy in constant motion moves in and out of the body. The ultimate goal is to be able to turn it harmoniously around your body. In the latter, the chakras are considered as centers of activity which ensure the reception, assimilation and transmission of vital energy. The chakras in the body are likened to lotuses since they open and close like a flower. When every chakra in your body is closed, vital energy can no longer flow freely. Likewise, if a chakra in the body is too open, an imbalance can be felt. The normal functioning of the chakra thus contributes to your balance.

There are seven main chakras which are all associated with a specific color. The root chakra associated with red is the symbol of strength, vitality and action. The second chakra, the sacral chakra is orange in color and symbolizes creativity and sexuality. The third chakra is that of the solar plexus. Yellow in color, it is associated with self-esteem and desire.

Regarding the fourth chakra, that is, the cardiac plexus, it is green in color and symbolizes love and feelings. Blue in color, the throat chakra is the symbol of communication and judgment. As for the third eye chakra, it is the symbol of intuition and intelligence. Finally, the purple-white crown chakra is the symbol of spirituality and knowledge.

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Enjoy the benefits of our Indian chakra items

If you are reading these lines then, like us, you believe in the power of Indian chakras and their ability to harmonize your inner life. To do this, we provide you with our rich catalog of Indian chakra objects. This is particularly the case with our discs harmonizing the Indian chakra. We offer one for each of the seven main chakras. Enough to allow you to ensure a free flow of your vital energy. Our Indian chakra harmonizing disks lend themselves to different uses. For example, you can use it to energize your water and drinks.

Energized water brings you many benefits: better hydration, better quality of sleep, better vitality, improvement of your endurance… To benefit from all these benefits, you just have to put your bottle of water on the disc harmonizing Indian chakras. Our Indian chakra harmonizing disks also allow you to cleanse and recharge your stones and minerals. You will then no longer need to use water or incense. The procedure remains the same. Place your minerals on your Indian Chakra Harmonizing Disk and let its magic work.

In our shop you will also find our Indian chakra keychains and our Indian chakra incense holders. The Indian chakra keychain will not only allow you to find your keys quickly, but will also be an excellent everyday lucky charm. They are available in the seven colors of the main chakras. Likewise, take advantage of our Indian chakra incense holders to purify your home or workspace.

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