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          Flower of Life, Mandala and other symbols canvases

          Increase the vibratory rate of your habitat

          Mandalas and sacred symbols are radiations that transform our environment, just like Feng Shui can.

          As soon as a mandala is placed in a place, all the energies are transformed, the vibrations rise. Placing such a mandala in our environment or focusing on it brings in our daily life a help to transform and attract to us the vibrations of the corresponding energy.

          Mandalas have been used a lot in therapy to create a special atmosphere and especially to change certain vibrations in a positive way.

          The great psychoanalyst C.G. Jung had long experienced the power of this form with his patients and was able to observe its astonishing power. It seems that at present, the public is called upon to benefit from the depth of his pioneering research.

          According to C.G. Jung (1875-1961), through contemplation and concentration, the function of the mandala is to intuitively draw attention to certain spiritual elements in order to promote their conscious integration into the personality.

          Jung had noted that the unconscious in its periods of trouble, can spontaneously produce mandalas. For him, the mandala symbolises, after the crossing of chaotic phases, the descent and the movement of the psyche towards the spiritual core of the being, towards the Self, resulting in interior reconciliation and a new integrity of the being.

          “The main thing is that the mandala operates, that it acts on the subtle ingredients of consciousness! It is said that the most successful adepts do not need, in order to meditate, either colours or powders; of no matter except texture, adamantine certainly, of the spirit. Their mandalas are visions, inner buildings that only the intensity of their concentration colours."

          “It became more and more obvious to me that the mandala is the center. This is the model for all paths. This is the path that leads to the center, to individuation."

          No wonder the symbol of the circle around the center, and therefore of the mandala, is found in all religions, cultures and traditions, both Western and Eastern. The circle is the symbol of life: birth, maturity, death and resurrection or rebirth.

          The Mandala as a tool of meditation and wellness

          The mandala is first a center, then concentric patterns radiating outward.

          • The center is the concentration, the self, the birth, the beginning, and the end too ...
          • Around the center, the other circles symbolise the organization of our relations with the world.
          • The square which often encloses the mandala is our realization in the world.

          For thousands of years, the creation and contemplation of mandalas have been used either for meditation as a sacred ritual among Buddhist monks, or as a therapeutic tool for self-discovery and healing as with Native Americans shamans.

          Jung discovered that the mandala was a powerful medium for growth and transformation, a symbol of wholeness.

          He used it to explore his own psyche, and then that of his patients. Jung studied the mandala in all cultures and came to the conclusion that it was a "universal archetypal form," or a universal symbol.

          Jung said of the mandalas they provided: "A feeling of inner peace, of reconciliation, of order in the midst of chaos."

          Since then, the Mandala has been used in Art therapy, personal development, psychotherapy ... Its virtues are unanimous: refocusing, inner calm, self-knowledge, appeasement, psychic restructuring ...

          It is for this reason that many therapists favor our paintings.

          Please note that we provide you with our catalogue of all mandalas as well as all the symbols offered on our store to choose the one that suits you best.

          We print the triptychs ourselves, the 20 and 30cm formats. Then we outsource the printing of the larger models to a local printer.