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Found in many cultures around the world, the tree of life is a spiritual symbol. This is a powerful representation that is far from just a simple tree with roots, foliage and fruit. This symbol of protection and love used in history for millennia has many virtues. On Mandalashop, enjoy its benefits with the tree of life products present in our shop.

The tree of life, a powerful symbol

The tree of life is an ancestral representation whose symbolism has gone through different eras. This cultural and spiritual symbol is used in mythology, science and philosophy. The tree of life is usually represented by a large tree whose roots extend towards the earth and the branches towards the sky. This spiritual symbol is found in many religions where its meaning knows great variations.

In Christianity, the tree of life is a symbol of immortality and is present in the Garden of Eden. Its meaning in Islam is eternal life. In the Judaic religion, the tree of life symbolizes the laws of the universe. Called Ashvatta in Hinduism, it represents an inverted tree. In Buddhism, on the other hand, the tree of life is the symbol of awakening.

Trees of life are also found in many civilizations and still represent a symbol of strength, wisdom, energy, eternity and protection. Its different parts have a specific meaning. The roots of the tree of life represent the base of the origins and allow it to draw its energy from the earth. The branches are oriented towards the sky and represent a symbol of development and flowering of life. To learn more about this symbol, do not hesitate to consult our article on the tree of life.

The tree of life: what interest?

Powerful symbol of spirituality and nature, the trees of life can be a source of many daily benefits. Do not hesitate to take advantage of their virtues thanks to our tree of life products available on our shop.

tree of life

Energize your drinks and food with the tree of life

The foods you eat and the drinks you take on a daily basis are most often devoid of any dynamism. To remedy this, you can place them on our tree of life harmonizing disks and energising plates before consuming them. In this way, you will then be able to benefit from their many benefits (improvement in the quality of sleep, endurance, better hydration, etc.).

Take advantage of positive energies to harmonize your living rooms

The tree of life is a symbol with powerful vibrational properties. Placed in your living rooms, it will be able to eliminate bad energies and breathe good vibes into them. The tree of life sends back positive energies that will allow you to harmonize your rooms. To achieve this, you can purchase one of our trees of life canvases, which will also bring a decorative touch to your walls.

Other benefits of trees of life

The tree of life is also a source of many other benefits. For example, you can use this symbol to cleanse and recharge your stones and minerals. All you need to do is place them on one of our tree of life products for a few hours.

Similarly, the tree of life is a symbol of luck and integrated into jewelry, a bracelet or a key ring, it will accompany you during your difficult trials. Let yourself be tempted, for example, by our tree of life key rings which will bring you a good dose of positive energy and blessings to you and your family. On Mandalashop, you are sure to find a tree of life product that will meet your expectations.

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