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7-Ray Flower of Life Pocket Mirror

7-Ray Flower of Life Pocket...

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Energising pocket mirrors

The language of colours

Colours are the language of Light. They fill the world, because everything is colour in us and around us. Although they are the result of a physical phenomenon - electromagnetic waves of different lengths - their true nature is primarily spiritual. Each of these is a manifestation of the mind and has the ability to influence our daily lives. The colours of our clothes or the decoration of our house are not neutral, they act for our well-being or our discomfort.

Sometimes you are overcome by a negative emotion, an unbalanced feeling or very negative events. The next time you find yourself in a negative state, take your pocket mirror and focus for a few moments on its symbol, its outline, its colours.

Perceive the harmony that emerges

After a few deep and calm breaths, a brief meditation, imagine that the colour (or the colours) tints your aura and fills it with light as if to release it, to clean it.

The spiritual aspect of sacred geometry symbols based on the golden ratio is that they increase positive energy and connect us to higher states of soul and consciousness. It is the fundamental meaning of all spirituality to increase the positive and to connect people with something greater, with nature and with all living creatures in mutual respect and love.

All the symbols act at the same time on the mind, the heart and the life. In this, they are entirely positive because they naturally unify all the components of the human being and his environment.

Small original pocket mirror

You can slip your pocket mirror in your purse or even in your pocket. So you can take it with you everywhere.

You will have sacred geometry symbols at your fingertips thanks to the vibratory pocket mirror.

A unique and original accessory for all those who want to take care of themselves.

It will bring you protection, softness and harmony.