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Are you an esoteric shop, a mineral or decoration shop?

Are you looking for a Flower of Life wholesaler? A sacred geometry symbols wholesaler? Are you looking for original articles?

We have solutions for you.

At Mandalashop, we are at your disposal in order to better understand your needs, and to offer you articles that correspond to you.

Why to choose us ?

Mandalashop is about 900 products online and more than 400 printable mandalas or vibratory symbols, so a huge range of products for a maximum of choice: items to energise water, items for the office or home, items to meditate and do yourself good, decoration.

It is also a family business, ethical, and with acquired expertise in product printing, offering you flexibility and the guarantee of impeccable quality.

We are at your disposal in order to better understand your needs and we ourselves develop our own symbols or those that best meet the needs of your customers.

As professionals, you benefit from a reseller price list. For more information, contact us.

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You can also apply for your pro account online and send us an email with your contact details so that we can call you back. We systematically contact you if: you have a physical store, you have completed all the data (valid siret etc.), left a telephone number.

Pro accounts are validated manually, it is not automatic.

We systematically exchange with you on the phone before validating the pro accounts.