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If you dream of an interior like a bubble of relaxation and letting go, Feng Shui is for you. By adopting its principles at home, you will transform your interior into a Zen and well-being place, everything we need in a world that is always moving faster.

Feng Shui has its origins in Chinese philosophy, Taoism. It is the application of the principles of Taoism to the habitat. Taoism has developed a set of theories: yin and yang, the 5 elements, qi, bagua, Yi-Jing, etc.

All of this knowledge aims to understand how life or energy manifests and organizes itself naturally.

Feng Shui is also based on the philosophical concept that everything is connected. It supports the idea that the habitat is connected to its inhabitants. This means that the habitat influences the existence of its occupants.

Home is a place to live where you should feel good.

Everything is vibration in the Universe. Sounds, shapes, colours, objects are vibrations as well as every being and every thought. Everything is 100% energy.

This is why it is important to only decorate your home with positive, intelligent, harmonious things that bring good luck.

The candle holder is not just a simple decorative Zen object.

It is a source of wonder, of beauty. It will radiate its soft warm light in your room.

Place your pretty Mandala candle holder or Flower of Life candle holder in your interior, light candles and the magic happens! Whether it is in the center of your dining room table, in the office or on your bedside table, its beautiful energy will be diffused in your space.

Glass candle holders created and printed by us - Dimensions: H: 8 cm - Ø 7 cm

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