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    Flower of Life and Mandala articles for the Office

    The stress

    If you experience fatigue, difficulty falling asleep, problems concentrating, nervousness, irritability or even a sudden loss of appetite or on the contrary, a sudden need to eat more and more often, you are probably under stress.

    The world of work is undoubtedly a sector where stress is a real problem that should not be overlooked.

    How to manage your stress

    The level of stress is quite subjective, but however, to effectively combat the first symptoms (depression, irritability, fatigue), it is important to work on yourself and boost your mind by creating positive images and stopping dwelling, when possible, negative thoughts that only add to your stressful load.

    Visualization makes it possible to replace stressful or distressing images in one's mind with positive images. In some situations, this method, also known as creative visualization or positive visualization, can help prevent stress.

    Surround the formulation with positive emotions and feel the joy of success, the contentment of success.

    Mandalas and positive thinking

    If you vivify one or more virtues, you will nourish within you other thoughts, feelings and wills which will transform your body and therefore your perception. If your perception changes, what is invisible will become visible and something greater will reveal itself to you and speak to you.

    The mandala is a privileged link with a virtue. It unites you with a higher intelligence and allows it to be a part of your life. It is a real open door to a sacred world filled with wisdom.

    Each symbol has its own vibration, its own energy. Certain geometric shapes, such as the symbol of the Flower of Life, will have a more generic influence.

    Other symbols, like vibratory Mandalas, will radiate a very specific energy. And besides, they were created for our present time and to accompany you on a daily basis.

    If you are attracted to a specific vibration, it means that it is either the one that you need in your life, or that you are most in touch with. It works as in lithotherapy for the choice of stones.

    An anti-stress

    Our office products are an inexhaustible source of radiance, vibrations. They will naturally radiate their beautiful energies in your workspace.

    And when you feel the need, need a break, gaze upon these wonderful sacred geometry symbols and clear your inner self. Let yourself be inspired by their vibrations without putting anything of yourself in them.

    Symbols of sacred geometry are tools of concentration. Focusing on each symbol brings us back to the present moment. This naturally leads to a state of relaxation, calm, peace.

    In addition, there are much more subtle energetic impacts: the shape of the mandala or the Flower of Life for example, and the center automatically lead to a state of oneness. They allow you to refocus. But there are also the colours which, associated with the shapes, will visually create volumes from which very different sensations and energies will emerge.

    And by being more focused, you will be able to be more efficient in carrying out all your projects.

    Mandala for children

    Our children have a capacity for concentration which develops gradually. And depending on their temperament, we know very well that it is often difficult for a child to concentrate on a task for long!

    With your children, our sacred geometry items will work the same.

    Let your child choose the one that appeals the most and put their Mandala pencil holder or Mandala mouse pad on their desk or bedside table.

    And if you have to choose for him/her, just think of your child and get inspired. You will make the right choice.