How to work with symbols in everyday life

This article is essential to undertake an in-depth work with the symbols of sacred geometry. Thanks to the symbols you will be able to transform your life, to transform defects, to attract to you an energy, a virtue, which you need, etc.

If you follow us, you know that I invite you to do a 7, 21 or 40 day practice with your sacred geometry symbols. The objective of this practice is to work with a virtue that you need in order to develop it within you.

For example, if you lack confidence, work with the Mandala of Confidence, if you need to heal something within yourself, work with the Mandala of Healing, and so on.

Ideally, you should practice for at least 40 days.

Why do a practice over 40 days?

40 days is a number linked to birth and death. It is a number of transformation.

Symbolism of the number 40

  • According to the Bible, it is the number of expectation, preparation, trial or punishment. The Bible also often uses the number 40 when a new chapter in salvation history begins. On the other hand, forty would indicate the duration of a generation or a fairly long period of time, the exact length of which is unknown.
  • Symbolizes death to self and spiritual rebirth.
  • According to R. Allendy, "it is the completion of a cycle in the world, or rather the rhythm of cyclic repetitions in the Universe".
  • According to St. Augustine, forty expresses perfection "because the Law was given in ten commandments, and then it was through the whole world that the Law was preached, and the whole world is composed of four parts, east and west, noon and aquilon; therefore, by multiplying ten by four, we arrive at forty. Or, it is by the four books of the Gospel that the Law is fulfilled."
  • Represents man incorporated in the Universe and fighting the prince of disorder, according to Claude de Saint Martin.
  • Represents the complete and sufficient period for completing a work, according to Lacuria.
  • Represents the eternal hell, according to J. Boehme, because it is the subjection to the cycles of the incarnation whose form does not change.
  • The age of forty symbolizes reason, maturity.
  • It corresponds to the thirteenth Hebrew letter, mem, and to the Tarot's Arcanum 13: Death, marking the completion of a stage.

In the Bible, the number 40 comes up again and again. The 40 days of rain in the flood, the 40 years of the Hebrew people's stay in the desert, the 40 days spent by Moses on Mount Sinai. It is also the length of Jesus' stay in the desert after his baptism, and the time to teach his disciples after his Resurrection and until his Ascension.

But the number 40 is also found in:

  • The 40 days of Lent before Easter.
  • The 40 days of fasting that Buddha did in the desert before exercising his apostolate.
  • It is at the age of 40 that Buddha and Mohammed would have begun their preaching.
  • According to the Egyptians, it is the number of days necessary for the soul to be definitively delivered from its body. Indeed, following the death of the physical body, the etheric body takes 40 days to dissolve in the universe. As long as it is not completely dissolved and the particles which constitute it have not joined the different elements of nature, the consciousness of the deceased will remain linked, more or less closely, to the terrestrial world in which it evolved. This is the reason why a religious ceremony is celebrated 40 days after a death in certain traditions in order to facilitate the definitive liberation of the consciousness of the being from its habits and its material attachments. However, this should not be confused with what is called etheric energy, which is totally extracted from the physical after the three days following death.
  • For Islam, the number 40 occupies an important place: the 40 companions, the 40 perfects; the universe is supported by 40 pillars; the 40 supports of the dome of the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem; and in the Middle Ages the Muslims had their armpits waxed every 40 days.

40 is the number of transformation

Did you know that it takes 30 to 40 days for a caterpillar to become a chrysalis?
The butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis and transformation to the highest. It teaches us to consciously transform our lives, to create new conditions to move towards our true being.

Every new idea and every step towards fulfilment is reflected in the becoming of the butterfly: the egg state corresponds to birth; the larva refers to the time when it is time to decide whether an idea should be realised; in the cocoon it is necessary to go within to connect the idea with its own nature; and its hatching corresponds to the birth of a new reality.

The lesson of the butterfly is to let go of the old behavior and prepare for the next phase of existence. Each of us transforms through multiple stages of life. It is only through effort that we emerge into who we are going to be in the future.

We too, by letting go of our old habits, can move from caterpillar to butterfly.

Transform your habits over 40 days

To bring about a permanent transformation in one's life one must repeat a practice for 40 days, in an unbroken cycle.

A group from the department of psychology at Harvard University in Boston has shown that experiments have been done and that they can demonstrate that a person will manage to change a habit or even a behaviour thanks to the practice/repetition of a new habit for more than 40 days. This repetition would create new neural pathways. After 40 days, the habit was permanently installed.

I don't hide from you that you can find a lot of things on the internet (see the articles referenced at the bottom of the page).

For example, in the 1960s, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon and author of the best-selling book "Psycho Cybernetics", found that it took an average of 21 days for a patient to get used to his or her new physical image. Like a nose job.

This research and his own experiences of change led him to this figure of at least 21 days to create a new mental image.

This principle was then extrapolated, rightly or wrongly, to many areas that involve changing behavior. Including habits.

Later, the neuroscientist Paul Winner demonstrated that it takes 22 to 30 days to form the neural pathways in the brain and result in a new behavior.

This doctor conducted his work on heavy addictions such as those found in drug addicts.

And habit formation involves the formation of new behaviours, so this leads us to believe that this time could be used as a benchmark for setting or changing habits.

But what follows will interest you even more because this study deals directly with habit formation.

In the book "Making Habits Breaking Habits: How to make changes that stick", author Jeremy Dean reports on a study conducted at University College London over 84 days.

In this study, 96 participants were asked to choose a daily behavior they would like to see become a habit. Things that could be repeated every day like eating a piece of fruit at the end of lunch or running 15 minutes after dinner.

The results?

On average, participants who provided enough data to validate their tracking took 66 days to form their habit.

Some new habits are easier and faster to adopt than others, and the time may also vary from person to person.

And this time will also depend on your regularity, your routine.

So be persistent, know what you want to achieve as a result.

How to do it in practice?

Install a routine

it takes an effort at first to impose some good habits on yourself and then it becomes a natural part of your routine. One of the keys is repetition.

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence thus, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle -

New habits do not necessarily stop old ones, but simply become stronger influences on your behaviour. Two other keys to success in adopting new habits are perseverance and kindness: if you "miss" your practice one day, it's not a big deal, start again the next day, keep the 40 days or any other period you define.

Daily practice with the vibrational symbols

Here is the daily practice that I suggest you put in place:

Present yourself every morning upon waking up in front of your mandala (whether it is a printed canvas, a harmonizing disc or another medium). It is important that the atmosphere is quiet, conducive to meditation.

When you are in front of your mandala, look at it with your child's eyes, without putting any concept on what it represents or on the virtue it carries.

Tell him or think inwardly that you want to get in touch with him, to make a connection, to understand how to approach him. Ask it to accompany you throughout your day.

Fill the center of your chest with its light and its soft atmosphere.

During the day, mentally visualize your mandala. If you have the possibility (depending on the medium you have chosen - the harmonizing disc is ideal for this), take it with you everywhere and look at it as much as necessary throughout the day.

And finally, before going to bed at night, look at it again, let its beautiful energy fill your whole being and ask your mandala to accompany you while you sleep. If you wish, you can light a candle and enter into meditation to connect in consciousness with your mandala.

You can also place your mandala under your pillow if you wish. If it is too dynamic and disturbs your sleep, place it further away.

Do this practice for at least 40 days and you will see something open within you and before you that you may never have imagined before.

As everyone has different organs of perception, sometimes it may seem that nothing is happening, but internal changes are occurring.

The power of thought

Can we, through the power of thought, influence our future? The answer is definitely yes! We can, more than we can imagine.

If you vivify one or more virtues, you will nourish within you other thoughts, feelings and wills that will transform your body and therefore your perception. If your perception changes, what is invisible will become visible and something greater will reveal itself to you and speak to you. Where an ordinary man passes by and sees nothing, the man united with luminous and pure virtues discovers splendour, magnificence.

By resonance, by harmonization, by the nature of your thoughts, your feelings, your will, you form more subtle organs. When you carry, vivify certain virtues in your life, organs of perception appear in you. It enlivens you.

Virtues are the activators of life, they are the subtle things that make you alive. They can guide you to a greater consciousness, a clearer, more awakened thought, more settled feelings.

You can work with a virtue through thought, by naming it several times a day: for example "Let go... Letting go... Let go..." or "Trust.... Trust.... Confidence...."

So by focusing on a harmonizing disc, you are resonating with high vibrations. And since it is a very practical object to carry around with you, you can use it in any circumstances.

Our mandalas are real magic talismans, which were created on the model of flowers. Just as flowers give off a sweet and subtle fragrance in the atmosphere, when you work with a virtue, with a mandala, you gradually learn to give off a fragrance through your beautiful thoughts and noble feelings, which attract a purer world.

The power of the word

Just as you can concentrate on a mandala, you can also invigorate the corresponding virtue out loud. You will find that this will give power to your intention.

Try very simply to pronounce the virtue out loud: Let Go... let go... with different intonations and find the intonation with which you feel the most affinity.

And once you have put it into practice, do not hesitate to share with me, by simply answering this message, your experiences, your feelings, your questions.

To conclude

What is important is to work every day, and to reinforce your rhythm. In this way you create an inner organ of willpower. A person without willpower cannot do anything. We must develop this organ within us because it is an organ that allows us to realize and give substance to what we desire.

It is true that the symbols of sacred geometry are very powerful and they radiate by themselves. But if you wish to go further and attract to you an energy, a virtue which you need, it is necessary to vivify it powerfully inside you.

And to do that you have to stick to a discipline.

Once you have started your discipline, keep us informed of the results, of your possible difficulties, of your successes!

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