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            Esoteric articles Pentagram and Pentacle of Protection

            You probably believe in esotericism if you read these lines. This is also our case on Mandalashop, your specialist in sacred geometry symbols. Magic can indeed operate through powerful symbols in our daily lives. This is particularly the case of the pentacle, a universal symbol used for millennia. Ready to take advantage of its protective powers in your life? Let yourself be tempted by our collection of pentacle products!

            What is a pentagram or pentacle ?

            The pentacle is often used interchangeably with the pentagram. However, these two terms do not refer to exactly the same reality. Meaning "five lines" in Greek, the pentagram is an ancient esoteric symbol that represents a five-pointed star. The pentacle is a symbol that represents the same star except that it is in a circle.

            The pentacle is a powerful mystical symbol whose appearance dates back to Mesopotamia around 3000 years before our era. However, it is possible that the pentagram was discovered by very ancient astronomical research, in the Tigris-Euphrates region, around 6000 years ago. Archaeologists have found pottery fragments with the symbol, dating back to 4,000 years ago, but it was Pythagoras who really brought the five-pointed star to the prominent position it holds today.

            Beyond its symbolic character, the pentagram inscribed in a circle has different meanings depending on its field of application. In the Wicca religion, for example, the five branches of the pentacle also represent, on the spiritual level, the five elements linked to life: air, water, spirit, fire and earth.

            The pentacle is also a powerful symbol of protection used in white magic, pointing upwards. It helps to fight against black magic and the forces of evil. The pentacle is also used as a talisman to ward off bad energies.

            The illustrations and images of the pentacle also have other meanings. This symbol is also associated with femininity and fertility. The pentacle can also represent the standing man, the members spread apart (the Vitruvian Man for example). To learn more about the pentagram and its different illustrations and images, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

            What is the meaning of the pentacle? Definition

            The word pentacle takes its root from the Latin pentaculum (from penta- "quintuple" + -culum suffix of decrease). Its first use in French was recorded as early as 1555. It had the meaning of "talisman", typically having the shape of a pentagram, but it could also refer to hexagram-shaped talismans.

            Based on the symbol of the goddess Kore in the apple core, the pentacle or pentagram was revered by Pythagorean mystics who called it Pentalpha: the five-fold intertwined birth letter. Its meaning has been given as "life" or "health". Some called it the star of Ishtar or Isis, or the subterranean twin of Isis, Nephthys. In Egypt, the five branches of the pentacle represented the underground belly.

            The use of the pentacle as a protective or healing amulet was common in Babylon, where it was often drawn on jars to hold their contents. The amulet, known as the Seven Seals, shows a pentacle as the first of its holy signs. According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, the seals were supposed to represent the secret names of God, and the pentacle was the main one, inscribed on the magic ring of King Solomon. Thus, it was sometimes mistakenly called Seal of Solomon.

            However, he was more closely related to pagan deities than to Jewish deities. A pentacle pointing down represented the Horned God, whom Neoplatonic philosophers called
            Pentamorph, "He of the five forms". He appeared in human form as well as the four horned beasts, bull, ram, goat and deer.

            Pagan Celts like the Egyptians worshiped the pentacle as a sign of the underground Goddess, whom they called Morgan. In his honor, the solar hero Gawain wore a pentacle on his blood-red shield.

            Hermetic magicians used the pentagram for their model of Microcosm Man (the right pentagram represents the microcosm, while the hexagram symbolizes the universe, or the macrocosm). A male figure was placed inside a circle representing the cosmos: his feet, hands and head touched the circle at the points designated by the inscribed pentacle, his genitals being located exactly in its center. This image was related to Firmicus Maternus' remark that man is a microcosm ruled by "the five stars".

            In Kabbalah, the five branches of the pentacle represent the five superior sephiroth on the Tree of Life, whose qualities are justice, mercy, wisdom, understanding, and transcendent splendor. Freemasonry relies on much of the Pythagorean symbolism of the pentagram, although it is also seen as a reminder that Christ was spirit descended into matter, and as such represents the Star of Bethlehem .

            Like other figures constructed of a single continuous line, the pentacle was believed to provide protection against spirits, which needed "gates" formed by a broken line. Therefore, the pentacle was often used to demarcate magical enclosures, especially for invocation. Medieval churchmen consequently took to calling it by such names as Devil's Sign, Witch's Cross, Sorcerer's Star, Goblin's Cross, or Witch's Cross.

            It was thought that a vampire or a werewolf would show a pentacle on the sole of the foot or the palm of the hand. This notion can be compared to the five-petalled Lotus that appeared on the hands of Buddha.

            The pentacle's continued appearances in magic books probably influenced Slavic witches who tried to cure illnesses by "measuring the pentacle" on the patient. A string was stretched from the feet to the chin, from the middle finger of each hand to the other, from each hand to the opposite foot, while the victim stood in the position of the Microcosmic Man." The differences in measurement give diagnosis and prognosis, and cutting the string with a knife after each measurement cuts the disease. The bits of string are burned so that the patient can inhale the fumes, and the ashes are placed in cool water, of which the patient drinks a portion.

            Magic spells using the pentacle still exist. The gypsies again cut the apple to reveal the Kore, the Pentacle of Virgo, which they call the star of knowledge.

            The Satanic or inverted Pentacle

            Sometimes the inverted figure of the pentagram, with two points facing up and one facing down, is associated with negative or "black" magick and devil worship. This is called the satanic pentacle. Indeed, the inverted pentagram features in the Seal of Baphomet, one of the primary symbols of the Church of Satan, an atheistic organization that evokes in its imagery the devil as seen in Christianity but does not worship any god or being nor does it require its members to perform rituals, magical or otherwise.

            The seal of Baphomet depicts a goat with its horns in the upturned points of the star. This probably stems from the European revival of occult studies in the 19th century, during which it was argued that a pentagram with an upward point symbolized ancestry, God, and the supremacy of the spirit and a pentagram with an upward point down symbolized Satan, infernalism (eternal torment) and descent of the spirit.

            The pentacle, a powerful symbol of protection

            Why and how to use a pentacle?

            Like Metatron's cube, the tree of life, the flower of life or the seed of life, the pentagram inscribed in a circle is a powerful symbol that you can use on a daily basis to take advantage of its powers. It is for this reason that we provide you with our rich collection of protective pentacle articles in wood, glass, etc. Then make your choice on Mandalashop.

            Want to enjoy the benefits of dynamization? This process brings energy and structure to your water and beverages. This is going to help you enjoy better hydration, better sleep, and a noticeable improvement in your endurance. To achieve this, use our energizing pentacle trays. All you have to do is put your drinks or even your food on it. Let the magic of the pentacle operate before consuming them. Your energy balance will only be strengthened.

            Want to clean and recharge your stones more simply? Also use our pentagram energizing trays. The procedure remains unchanged. Drop your minerals on your pentacle energizing tray and let them recover their energy for a few hours.

            You can also use our pentacle canvases to harmonize your place of life or your place of work. Hanging on your wall, for example, a pentacle canvas will radiate its energy in order to dissipate all the bad vibes and the evil eye in your living environment.

            The pentagram inscribed in a circle can also act as a protective talisman. With this in mind, you can use our pentacle keychains. This symbol will give you the protection you need and allow you to connect with nature. You can then bring serenity into your life.


            Why wear a pentagram?

            A Pentacle is one of the most powerful symbols of protection.

            Your Pentacle can be worn as a talisman or an amulet. When carved from wood, your pentacle is connected to nature and the natural world. When made from gold, it exudes mental clarity, energy, and wisdom. And, when forged from silver, your connection to the Moon and psychic energies is at its strongest.

            In the Wicca religion, with the ability to cast spells, and the action of divine and angelic energies, your Pentacle as a Talisman is a very powerful tool. Often inscribed with a "power name", such as an Angel, God, Spirit and others, these talismans are used for a specific purpose and intention, helping you to control the power and energy ruled by the entity inscribed on your Pentacle.

            The Pentacle, Star of high protection

            The ubiquity of this sign cannot be emphasized enough. It is associated not only with pagan practice but also with Christian mysticism, druidism, magic, sacred geometry, occult sciences, alchemy and Kabbalah; it appears in the Tarot where it can represent the suit of coins, and it is an important symbol in Freemasonry, where it is called "the blazing star".

            Visit our store and discover our many pentacle products to benefit from all these benefits.

            How to make and draw a pentacle?

            Making a pentacle of protection is relatively simple: just draw a five-pointed star on a sheet of paper, and surround it with a circle. To trace your geometric shape you will need a ruler, a compass, and a pencil.