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The benefits of energised water

All the benefits of energised water

No one can live without water.

It conveys vibration, a source of energy.

Every water or food has a vibration. The vibrations of water or food resonate with the vibrations of our cells and organs. To influence the numerous organs of the body with good vibrations, you simply have to energise your water or food with vibratory symbols, such as the Flower of Life or Mandalas of energy.

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To clean and recharge your minerals

A simple and effective method at your fingertips

If you are like us lithotherapy enthusiasts, you know that the stones, by diffusing their virtues, gradually get discharged and become less effective.

Depending on the stones that accompany you, the method of cleaning and / or recharging varies. Some stones fear the water, others the sun ... in short, sometimes it is difficult to navigate.

We offer you a simple and effective method where you are certain to never go wrong: use wavelenght shapes like the Flower of Life. Just put your stone on the harmonising disk for a few minutes.

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Work with symbols everyday

How to work with symbols everyday

This article is essential to undertake an in-depth work with the symbols of sacred geometry. Thanks to the symbols you will be able to transform your life, transform defaults, attract to you an energy, a virtue that you need, etc.

If you follow us, you know that I invite you to do a practice over 7, 21 or 40 days with all our symbols of sacred geometry. The goal of this practice is to work with a virtue that you need in order to develop it inside of you.

We explain in detail how to put it into practice!

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Mandalashop, creator of well-being for your home

Men have always used mandalas because they know that it is necessary to harmonize with the universal Soul and Spirit that animates the living nature, source of benefits.

The mandalas you will find here are adapted to our modern era and its difficulties. They have been designed to attract the most beneficial energies and influences into homes, work spaces, places of prayer and meditation, and places to live.

Transform your interior

Download your anti stress guide for free

A very concrete guide of more than 60 pages with simple practices and techniques to find harmony, health and serenity.

Solutions to unlock your potential by accomplishing everything you've always wanted to undertake, and serenely.

All the information you need to finally understand vibratory symbols and how to use them in your daily life.

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Guide anti stress Mandalashop
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