To energise water

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Colours, symbols and shapes are all information-carrying frequencies with which water is informed by resonance. Harmonious, they restore beautiful energies to liquids and are beneficial for our body.

The vibratory symbols are connected to a living world and are designed according to sacred geometry and wave lenght forms. Each one is based on a unique light structure and continuously acts by radiation. You will then be able to receive positive energies according to your needs.

We can't talk about energy without talking about vibration. Without vibration, we could not create energy. Vibration is what allows everything to exist. Everything that exists is in a state of vibration, and this is the source of energy.

Scientists tell us that everything vibrates, and so everything makes a sound, even the most insignificant thing that is next to you.

The human ear can hear sounds that are between 15 and 20,000 hertz. One hertz equals one vibration per second. Human beings cannot hear anything when a vibration is higher or lower. But just because you can't hear a sound doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

All existence is vibration and sound, and vibration is life itself. Without vibration, we would not exist.

And water is like a train that carries vibration. Without sufficient water supply, the energy of the vibration could not flow throughout the body.

Water is necessary for life. Wherever there is life, there is water, and where there is no water, there is no life. All plants and animals contain water. We ourselves are made up of 70% water. Our diet is mainly made up of water. Fruits and vegetables contain between 80 and 95%. Dry foods contain significant proportions of it.

Why you should drink energised, revitalised, structured water

Here are the benefits reported by users of energised water:

• better vitality, reduced fatigue
• better hydration
• better sleep
• better immune system, fewer diseases
• improved endurance and recovery after exercise
• faster feeling of fullness

Living water seems to be a redundant term because it is naturally associated with life. We speak of death when there is no more water or when the conditions of life are no longer guaranteed, as is the case for the Dead Sea where we find an average salinity of 27.5%. At the risk of shocking, the majority of bottled water, tap water, mistreated or ignored water as well as others heated have lost all their vitality. These are so-called "dead" waters.

“All our tap water and those sold in bottles currently meet all the worst possible conditions for quality drinking water. Every day we drink water without energy, without structure, without any dynamics or vitality, ”summarizes Richard Haas, a recognized specialist in water and its health benefits.

By placing your water, your drinks or even your vegetables on a symbol of sacred geometry, a wave lenght form based on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, you give them all their vitality.

And you give all the cells in your body information that is alive.

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