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There is something sacred about the lotus flower since the dawn of time. This is true in several cultures and for different lotus flowers, although the Indian lotus, also called sacred lotus or oriental lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is much more imbued with symbolism than the blue lotus of Egypt also called sacred lotus or blue water lily (Nymphaea caerulea).

In Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Brahmanism, the lotus has always been a divine symbol, associated with the gods Vishnu "the one with the lotus eye" and Brahma but also with the goddesses Lakshmi and Sarasvati.

The lotus flower is symbolically associated with the figure of Buddha and his teachings. It is a sacred flower for the peoples of the East. Legend says that when Buddha's son took his first steps, wherever he walked, lotus flowers bloomed.

A symbol inherited from Eastern culture, the lotus flower is adopted by many cultures, and enjoys a privileged place in the world of well-being and spirituality. A flower that is both mysterious and seductive, the lotus flower takes on a sacred dimension that adds value to its already refined aesthetic side.

Embodying sacred femininity, it enhances all types of jewelry worn by men and women, while conferring benefits and virtues, some of which are to be discovered through this text.

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About the lotus flower symbol

The lotus flower has been a symbol since ancient times and ancestral civilizations have always considered it a sacred symbol. Easterners continue to attribute virtues to it as well as spiritual and religious properties.

Egyptian culture considers her to be the reincarnation of a nymph, hence her Latin name Nymphéa. It is also called the Sacred Lotus by other cultures to symbolize rebirth, as well as reincarnation, the reason for its presence on the walls, and the works (paintings) of temples and tombs.

In Asia, the Lotus flower is the national flower in both Vietnam and India. In this case, it is called Lotus of the East, Sacred Lotus or Lotus of India. It represents purity, love, prosperity and immortality, hence its frequent presence at various events (ceremonies and celebrations).

The meaning of the lotus flower varies depending on its colour. Thus, in white and pink, it symbolizes purity and devotion. Red or purple in color, it signifies spirituality, enlightenment, rebirth or prosperity. Finally, a green lotus flower expresses hope, and most of the time it is given as a gift to someone to wish them good luck in difficult times.

The imagery around the lotus is strong since the throne of the deities is nothing other than a blooming lotus flower, a nod to the blooming of the soul: thus the symbolism associated with it is revealed. also through the purity of the body, prosperity, fertility, longevity and even eternity of life due to the very long germination period of lotus seeds.

The elevation with the lightness of the flower that sits above the water is also a strong symbol. Having drawn the resources of its blossoming from the mud of suffering, the lotus blossoms above the water like karma leading to awakening and enlightenment.

In the classical literature of many Asian cultures, the lotus flower symbolizes elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace. It is often associated with ideal female attributes.

In yoga, the lotus position (Padmásana) is the traditional meditation posture in which the seated subject kisses their legs and puts their hands on their knees.

Everywhere you are told about the meaning of the lotus flower, in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Christianity etc.

You are being given uniform information everywhere, information that stays outside of things.

But nobody makes the relation with an essential thing…. YOU.

If we look closely at this plant, it is fascinating, astonishing. Before coming out of the mud, the lotus is carried away by the water which swings it here and there. It must resist the currents.

The man / woman is like this lotus flower. He must face the currents, the influences that surround him in order to flourish, to open up to the light and to become who he really is. It is the man, the woman who comes true.

Wear a lotus flower jewel

The lotus flower in itself already represents a great blessing, and accompanied by a stone in the form of a jewel, it diffuses its energy even more to the wearer. Indeed, the lotus flower already represents sacred femininity, and in the form of a jewel, it accompanies the wearer to symbolize rebirth, like an amulet that brings good luck to confer well-being at all times.

A jewel enhanced with a lotus flower symbol embodies femininity, as well as spiritual awakening, insofar as it conveys the very message of the realization of being. This results from the fact that the jewel is armed with a soft and diffuse energy to help its wearer to have a more positive vision of his personal, physical and spiritual fulfillment at the same time. In this case, it becomes the precious ally of a serene and zen daily life.

Otherwise, a jewel with the symbol of the lotus flower also evokes the beginning of a new path. In addition to its undeniable aesthetic effect, the symbolism of the lotus flower also contributes to fulfilling the wishes of the women who wear it daily in the form of jewellery.

Amulet with the symbol of the lotus flower to have balance

A good way to take advantage of the benefits of the lotus flower is to wear it in the form of jewelry. Represented in symbols strongly associated with the chakras, the lotus flower also acts on the mind of the wearer, giving it balance, wisdom and purity. This is because the 8 lotus petals represent the chakras, and also show the 8 parts of the spiritual path.

It symbolizes resistance and resilience in psychology, hence the ability to transform adversity into renewal and potentiality for an individual who wears it as a jewel. It embodies the awakening of the spirit while helping to flourish and have a more positive and optimistic outlook in life.

Lucky charm in the shape of a lotus flower

In any case, a jewel enhanced with the lotus flower symbol is both a trendy and aesthetic accessory. It is aimed particularly at women, but there are still men who wear it proudly.

The symbol of the lotus flower is far from representing a tradition when it takes the form of a jewel. Above all, it expresses a tool for well-being, whether in the form of a pendant, bracelet or ring.

Worn as a pendant, the lotus flower helps to have courage and energy to move forward in life. It also helps to free oneself from the past, while eliminating the ego so that one can listen to the voice of one's soul.

As for the material, we propose silver lotus flower jewelry. You can take advantage of the beneficial effects of the symbol regardless of the shpae it takes :bracelet, pendant or other adornment with a lotus flower symbol.

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