The Mandalashop loyalty program

Your loyalty is rewarded.

Earn points with each purchase: 1 € = 1 point
Collect points: 100 points = 5 €
Points are available when your order changes to "delivered" status. They are valid for 1 year.

By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive a reduction code by email (2.50 € discount on your 1st order)

A gift for your birthday

Mandalashop Birthday gift

You receive 5 € for your birthday. 7 days before your anniversary date, you will receive an email with the voucher (remember to indicate the date in your customer account). It will be valid for 30 days.

How to convert your loyalty points

Go to your customer account, to the "my rewards" tab. You will see the amount of your points available or awaiting validation.

Click on "transform my rewards into a discount voucher, then "validate".

You get your discount code, which you can add to the shopping cart. Otherwise you copy/paste the code in your basket when you place your order.

If your points have already been converted, you will find your discount code on the "vouchers" tab, still in your customer account.