Welcome on your space dedicated to Mandalas and sacred symbols!

We wanted to create an ethical and socially responsible company, based close to our trade partners and which will allow us to bring greater comfort to our customers, and contribute positively to the society in which we live. We are a human-sized company, in love with the universal tradition, and whose primary objective is to share and put the universal art in all its forms in the spotlight.

Universal symbols by nature, mandalas exist in all the traditions of the world and we decided to make them known to bring wellbeing, harmony in your daily life. We claim a different trade that allows everyone to find happiness, to have fun and please the other by offering him/her a gift of quality.

Thus, we decided to work with artists who reveal and transmit a light, an opening on the world through their artwork. Artwork from different horizons will complement the current collection as and when exchanges and partnerships will be created. The choice of items we have selected for you is an invitation to travel, to explore, to experiment.

We also create ourselves some symbols like the Flower of Life, the Metatron's Cube, the Tree of Life, the Om, the Ying Yang, the Triskel, the Pentacle etc.

We print all the articles by ourselves.

Thanks to the symbols, you will be able to:
• Increase your vibratory rate and that of your environment
• Find balance and strengthen your vitality by energising your water for example
• Clean and recharge your minerals
• Improve your concentration and be more efficient
• Find inner calm
• Accomplish more and more serenely
• Develop knowledge of yourself and so….
• Release your full potential

Each item is meaningful; it carries emotions, wonder and wellbeing.
So now it is all up to you, start to explore the wonderful world of sacred geometry!

For any question, just have a look at our FAQ.

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