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Harmonising disk Yin Yang

Harmonising disk Yin Yang

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Yin Yang Keychain

Yin Yang Keychain

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Yin Yang Articles – Find Inner Harmony

The Yin Yang is a symbol of traditional Chinese medicine that expresses the search for balance and harmony with the universe. It is a circle composed of two complementary and existing forces inside and outside of us. The Yin Yang symbol contains two black and white dots inside the circle. This refers to the idea that everything is never completely black or white in life. To be fully happy, you must have been sad. For those seeking harmony and balance, we offer a diverse range of products highlighting this symbol of traditional Chinese medicine.

Yin and Yang harmonising disk

The Yin-yang symbol highlights the introspection of oneself which allows to meet in order to see life in a better way. You can learn more about this symbol of Chinese origin on our site. Our harmonising disk perfectly highlights the yin yang symbol. It allows you to find harmony and balance by revitalizing yourself.

The yin yang harmonising disk allows you to effectively fight against stress. By placing water or food on the symbol, the qualities and virtues contained therein are transferred into the food. By consuming energized water, you promote balance in the cells of your body. This drink eliminates negative energies. The yin yang is a symbol of Chinese medicine that conveys vibrations of serenity.


Yin Yang Round Mouse Pad

The yin yang is a symbol of Chinese origin that allows you to focus on the positive energies of life. Our round yin yang mouse pad is for people who want to find fulfillment and well-being. Using our yin yang round mouse pad allows you to attract the corresponding energies in your life to you. The symbol of Chinese origin is a concentration aid. With this symbol, the rug is no longer an ordinary rug. It carries an energy characterized by calm, peace and serenity.

This contributes greatly to the development of your well-being in all areas of your life. Thanks to its natural radiation of positive energy, the yin yang symbol of Chinese origin brings many benefits in chromotherapy. You can also put a bottle of water on the mat where the yin yang symbol is drawn. This symbol of Chinese medicine has many therapeutic effects. It improves the energy status of food.

Yin Yang keychain

A Yin yang keychain can act as a lucky charm and a talisman. It will accompany you every day of your life and will participate in your development and your well-being. This is no ordinary key fob. In traditional medicine, the circle separated in two symbolizes the harmony between opposing forces. Yin yang allows you to better understand the events of your life.

At the level of the universe, yin corresponds to earth and matter while yang corresponds to energy. The entire universe is therefore the product of a balance between these two forces. Constantly having the symbol on you keeps you connected to this universe. You can get your yin yang keychains directly on our site.