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Yoga enthusiasts are undoubtedly familiar with the Aum sound. This symbol from the Hindu religion would contain for some all the secrets of the universe. Present in many beliefs, it has various meanings. At Mandalashop, we also believe in the power of that sound. To do this, we offer you our collection of Aum objects and articles to enjoy the benefits of this symbol.

Aum, the sound of the universe

Aum is a sacred syllable in Sanskrit, i.e. the Indian religious language. In detail, it is written A, U, M and includes all the sounds of the universe. The A indicates the beginning and the birth. It is the symbol of Brahma, the creator god. The U is the symbol of continuity, duration and is linked to Vishnu, the god who preserves. Finally, the M represents the end or death. He is related to Shiva, the destroyer god. This universal and primordial sound takes on its full meaning in the practice of yoga. It is also called the pranava mantra, that is to say the mantra of mantras. To learn more about the mantra Aum, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

The mantra Aum is also present in many religions derived from Hinduism like Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism or Brahmanism. This sacred mantra is common to almost all mankind. It is pronounced AMEN among Jews and Christians and HUM among Tibetans. The mantra Aum widely used in yoga represents as the first mantra the creation, the opening and the pure entity thanks to which the world was created. It is considered the absolute truth and the whisper of the universe. This mantra is usually used as a suffix to Hindu mantras.

Om Aum

Our Aum articles to enjoy the benefits of this mantra

The mantra om causes the vocal cords to vibrate during your meditation sessions. This primordial sound also causes a vibration of the rib cage and the interior of the body. This allows you to purify your lungs, especially during your yoga sessions. The Aum mantra also has other benefits that you can benefit from through our articles. Our Aum harmonising disks, for example, lend themselves to many uses. They allow you to energize your water, drinks and food. Enough to enjoy a better quality of sleep, better hydration and better recovery after a series of efforts. With this in mind, all you have to do is deposit your water and your food on your Aum disk.

Do you believe in the magic of stones? In this case, our Aum harmonising disks will allow you to cleanse and recharge your minerals effortlessly. Simply lay them on your Aum harmonising disk and let it work its magic for a few hours. Likewise, our Aum disk or canvas is very practical for harmonizing your living and working spaces. Place it in your living room or office to benefit from the good vibrations it gives off. Do you often lose your keys? Let yourself be tempted by our Aum key rings. With these small accessories, quickly find your lost key. In addition, the power of the mantra Aum accompanies you on a daily basis with its positive vibration.

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