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          Seed of Life Articles - Awaken your vital energy

          The seed of life is one of the symbols of sacred geometry, just like the flower of life or the tree of life. This pattern, these symbols, worn on oneself in the form of jewelry for example, act as talismans. It happens that the seed of life and the flower of life are confused. The creation of a flower of life is ultimately a simple succession of seeds of life. From the center of the seed of life, a symbol of the beginning, circles in turn are symbols of multiplication. Seven circles which together form the base of the Flower of Life. Mandalashop offers you a wide range of products with the symbol of the seed of life.

          Meaning of the seed of life

          The Seed of Life originated in ancient Egypt, specifically in a temple in Abydos. The land of the Egyptians being very focused on symbols and their relationship to the world, this is not surprising today. The seed of life carries the vibrational energy of growth. It is this force that is then breathed into the flower of life to allow it to develop after its creation.

          If originally, the Vesica Piscis (intersection of circles of the same size) had a Christian significance, today it has a purely energetic dimension. The circle is indeed the beginning of everything in this world, and this is precisely what this seed evokes. You can learn more about the Vesica Piscis by reading our article which evokes this figure of sacred geometry. This is how it is used through media such as our jewelry and various objects carrying this sphere and its growth circles. The geometric construction of the seed of life makes it possible to understand that its center acts as a symbol of fertility: life starts from its center, and unfolds in circles all around.

          The sacred geometry symbols of the seed of life are thus love, the universe, fertility and truth in all its forms. Great powers are therefore embodied in this type of jewellery, a symbol of development in all its forms:

              the growth,
              the development of what wants to grow in us.

          To sum up, the seed of life motif invites the human to refocus by showing him the way to follow: to integrate in him the spiritual energy naturally developed in his relationship with the world around him. Its 7 circles have a strong symbolism, since the number seven represents many things in this world (7 chakras, creation of the world in 7 days, the 7 steps towards enlightenment in Buddhism, etc.).

          seed of life

          Wear a seed of life jewel

          Symbol of blessing, a seed of life jewel that you will find on Mandalashop will bring you protection and fertility, thanks to its central circle and its circles of life which develop around it. This symbol of sacred geometry, due to its purity and the ability to represent the beginning of everything, also brings a lot of softness, a natural harmony and a certain balance.

          If you tend to forget yourself a little, the symbol of the seed of life will benefit you. It will help you improve your self-esteem, while giving you the strength to compensate for the considerable energy you expend on a daily basis. Indeed, the vibratory force of the seed of life has this ability to refocus you, find you, to better balance your inner you. Wearing one of our seed of life jewels is therefore an excellent start to harmonizing your being, making it evolve positively and thus feeling strength and serenity on a daily basis.

          You can associate this symbol with a flower of life jewel, since the latter comes naturally from the seed of life, which allowed it to form and flourish. The benefits of objects with sacred geometry are numerous on the body and the mind. You can then take advantage of this light to refocus with the world, with your inner self, and live more in balance with the world around you. Go through Mandalashop and get one of our seed of life products to enjoy all the benefits of this symbol of sacred geometry.