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Pendulum pouch: Velvet elegance & sacred geometry

Discover our velvet pendulum pouches, decorated with sacred geometry symbols, including the Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube. This pouch combines elegance and spirituality to accompany your dowsing practices.

Where to keep your pendulum?

Keeping your pendulum safe and in a suitable location is essential to preserving its accuracy and energy.
Use our velvet pouch specially designed for pendulums. This pouch offers soft and elegant protection while preserving the energy of your pendulum thanks to its high quality material.

If you have an altar or sacred space dedicated to your spiritual practices, place your pendulum there. Just make sure the place is clean, organized, and free of any negative energy.

If you often travel with your pendulum, your pouch will be ideal and specially designed to transport it safely.

The important thing is to keep it in a place where it is protected from physical damage and unwanted energetic influences.

Small pouch to store your pendulum

Our pouches measure 8x10 cm and are carefully printed in France. Every detail of the pattern, including sacred geometry symbols, is reproduced with artisanal precision, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

The softness of velvet provides luxurious protection for your pendulum, while sacred geometry symbols add a spiritual dimension to your practice. This pouch is designed to be practical and aesthetic, allowing you to transport your pendulum safely while honoring its sacred essence.

Pouch for brass pendulum or other

Discover our range of pouches specially designed for pendulums made of brass or other materials. These pouches offer both style and functionality to elegantly protect and transport your pendulum.

Our pouches are made with high quality materials, offering optimal protection to your pendulum against scratches, shocks and dust. Their elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your dowsing practice.

Whether your pendulum is made of brass, crystal, wood or any other material, our pouches are designed to fit all shapes and sizes. They provide a secure and comfortable fit to ensure your pendulum stays in place during transport.

Lightweight and compact, our pouches are easy to carry in a purse, backpack or even your pocket. They allow you to take your pendulum wherever you go, whether for consultations, travel or outdoor practice sessions.

Combining style and functionality, our pendulum pouches are the ideal choice for dowsing practitioners concerned about the protection and style of their precious tool. Discover our collection today and find the perfect pouch to accompany your clock.

Why choose our velvet pouches?

• Superior quality: Made with high quality velvet to ensure optimal protection.
• Deep symbolism: Sacred geometry symbols bring enriching spiritual meaning to your practice.
• Local manufacturing: Each pouch is printed in France with attention to artisanal detail.

Transform your practice in style

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a curious novice, our velvet pendulum pouch with sacred geometry symbols is the perfect companion to enrich your dowsing experience. Add a touch of style and spirituality to your practice today.