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The suncatcher, is an object that is both a source of visual harmony and harmonisation of your home.

The multiple facets of the crystal reflect all the colours of the light spectrum and diffuse them in all directions.

With our Flower of Life and Tree of Life suncatchers, your living space will sparkle nicely. You will enjoy the benefits of sacred geometry symbols as well as the effects of harmonious colours all around you. Your space will become more calming and more harmonious.

Our suncatchers are particularly appealing to people who want to balance the energies in their habitat and are looking for decorative and Feng Shui objects full of meaning.

The Flower of Life suncatcher to dissolve negative energies

If you want to get rid of heavy atmospheres in your home, place a Flower of Life or Tree of Life suncatcher on your curtain rod or near a window. The important thing is that the sun's rays can pass through the prism.

The origin of the light we see is the sun, its rays reach us like little wagons which transport through space the elements necessary for the life and growth of plants, animals and humans.

The sunlight is still pure. No one can contaminate it.

As it passes through the suncatcher, this radiation is amplified by the structure of sacred geometry symbols.

A Feng Shui article at the service of your space

The ray goes down inside the prism and gives the 7 colours. When sunlight passes through a prism, it breaks down into 7 colours that are found in the rainbow.

Everywhere and always, nature teaches us the same truths, but it uses several languages for this, the main ones being movement, form, sound and also colour.

The chromatic language, the language of colours includes 7 main colours.

Each colour has a strength, a quality, an intelligence which, when united with the man / woman, can bring perfection.

•    Red brings dynamism.
•    Orange brings interiority.
•    Yellow shines and brings subtlety.
•    Green makes energies grow, it develops things, brings growth.
•    Blue brings peace, expands, opens the doors to infinity.
•    Indigo structures, organises, brings order and brings the strength that comes from stability.
•    Violet cleanses, brings out the essential, which is pure and true, and destroys and consumes everything else.

The prism is the 7 colours, the 7 chakras, the 7 forces.

Coloured light is, in fact, known to help calm negative moods, bring more joy and optimism, and regulate emotions.

Colours can give you unexpected support on a daily basis. Light is a source of power, of wealth.

What is chromotherapy?

Moreover, chromotherapy or colour therapy is a soft and complementary medicine that uses light to act both physically and psychically. It is a method of harmonising and helping in the healing of certain disorders, physical or emotional, through the use of colours. Colours have a direct influence on the mind and body. Chromotherapy is a mixture of psychology, art, physics and medicine.

We often forget that light is essential for the well-being of living beings. The wavelengths emitted by the colours emit vibrations that influence our living cells.

Coloured light therapy can have beneficial effects on many things: stress, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, migraine, anxiety ...

Colours are a source of exceptional stimuli, such as the modification of certain moods that affect your overall balance. Colours can calm or even increase vital energy, or correct certain disorders.

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