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Table set Mandala of Harmony

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Table set Mandala of Wisdom

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Feng Shui articles for the whole family

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that appeared in ancient China. This ancestral practice consists in choosing the ideal place to create the perfect harmony between the 5 elements: water, wood, earth, fire and metal. In the decoration - and with a more modern reading of Feng Shui, this translates into a revitalization of the interior space, while taking into account the exterior environment.

The goal? Create the perfect habitat, where life energy (called Chi in China and Qi in Japan) flows best. Depending on the layout of the house, the circulation of this energy is regulated, which is based on complementary fundamentals: Ying and Yang, earthly directions and always the five elements.

How are these elements materialized in our living spaces? They are symbolized by ranges of colours, shapes and materials.

Zen decoration at the service of your well-being

Mandalashop offers you its selection of quality Feng Shui products to bring you happiness, success and serenity.

Thus, the various elements known as Feng Shui must be distributed in the house according to the desired atmosphere: a calm and soothing interior or on the contrary energetic.

It is important to only decorate your home with positive, intelligent, harmonious things that bring good luck. The symbols shown here have been specially designed for this. To live in harmony with oneself, one must also harmonize one's habitat with the universe, and the forces acting in it.

Each mandala corresponds to a virtue, an influence, to which we can connect and with which we can work. Each mandala radiates positive and beneficial energy in our environment.

Their power is to rebalance the vibrations, the energy.

And every symbol of sacred geometry in general, like the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, etc., connects us to life and its light structure.

It is for this reason that we have developed a range of articles useful in everyday life on several levels, for the well-being of body, soul and spirit.

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