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            Flower of Life and Mandala key tags and medallions

            Lucky talismans

            Symbols of sacred geometry act as talismans, amulets, or lucky charms.

            They will help you restructure and are a reminder of the presence of the magical world within you and around you.

            The keychain will naturally radiate its energy and soul of life on you and your environment. It is a blessing and a presence of Light that will accompany you on a daily basis.

            A talisman can be defined as an object, usually an inscribed ring or stone, believed to have magical powers and to bring good luck.

            Talismans are used to attract positive energies and empower those who wear them. These items can be items displayed or kept next to you, such as your home or workspace, or can be worn on you, such as jewelry or key chains.

            Tree of Life Keychain

            The Tree of Life is a symbol of strength, energy and wisdom.

            All initiatory traditions have spoken of the tree and associated it with life and universal knowledge. In life you have to know what are your roots and what are your branches. You have to preserve your inner tree because it is the organism of life within you.

            So by using the symbol of the Tree of Life in your life it is with this awareness that you connect. It will be like a point of concentration in your daily life, on which you can focus to find calm and balance.

            Metatron's Cube Keychain

            Metatron's cube is one of the most powerful symbols of sacred geometry. This symbol reveals to us the best kept secrets of creation and the universe. Metatron's Cube is a sacred geometric figure with a very high vibratory rate.

            It not only contains the sacred forms of the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life and the Merkabah, but it also contains all of Plato's solids.

            A major symbol of sacred geometry, Metatron's cube has been used for centuries for the protection and purification of places. Rebalancing tool for your home and protective against negative energies.

            Flower of Life Keychain

            The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric figure represented by 19 circles that overlap and intersect. The symbol of the Flower of Life is considered to be sacred through many traditions around the world.

            The Flower of Life contains the information of creation and conceals so much potential that simply contemplating its outline provides a profound session of introspection. By imbibing this pattern, we can amplify our power of creation.

            This universal geometric figure reveals to our eyes the unfathomable mysteries of the genesis of the universes, because it can be transposed to all micro and macrocosmic scales.

            Mandala keychain

            Universal symbol, it represents the totality, the infinite, the being, the universe. We carry the universe within us just as the universe carries us within it. It shows us that everything is interrelated in oneself and in the universe.
            "Mandala" is a Sanskrit word which, like the universe, is evocative of the sphere. This is why it is represented as a circle, the circle being above all a symbol of life.
            Throughout the ages, mandalas have been used to release their creative energy and allow one to focus on positive thoughts. They were designed to structure and harmonize inner life. Each mandala vibrates at its own frequency and releases specific energies such as balance, harmony, opening of the heart, joy, energy, healing, creativity, peace… Element of Feng Shui, the mandala brings balance and harmony in your home or in the place where you choose to place it.

            Our Mandalas are exceptional. Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature, they were designed for our present time according to sacred geometry and wave lenght forms. Within each mandala resides a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration. Each mandala corresponds to a virtue, a positive influence, to which we can connect and with which we can work.

            Om - Aum keychain

            Aum represents the triple manifestation of the primordial sound with all that is triple in creation, the three states of energy, the beginning, the middle and the end of all things, the three bodies: body, soul and spirit. It is the original sound of the universe, the symbol of absolute wisdom, because it contains its three principles. The threefold aspect of this mantra as well as the graphic representation of this sound is somewhat similar to the symbolism of the Triskel and the Trinity.

            Aum has very powerful effects on many levels: energetic, physical, emotional, mental, philosophical and spiritual.

            Pentacle keychain

            The Pentagram, the 5-pointed star, is a very ancient esoteric symbol. The Pentacle is a pentagram that is inscribed in a circle.

            The Pentagram has always been a symbol of protection. This is what is called in the Kabbalah the sign of the microcosm, as opposed to the Seal of Solomon which represents the unity of the macrocosm.

            Triskel keychain

            This symbol represents the law of the trinity. This law allows the creative principle to manifest itself in its creation. We find the law of the trinity in all religions and in many philosophies because it is essential.

            It is often said that the Triskel represents the three dynamic elements: water, air, fire. The earth is its center.

            The spiral shape of the branches is a symbol of life, dynamism and enthusiasm.

            Yin yang keychain

            The Yin Yang symbol is also known as Tai Chi, The Ultimate Supreme or The Great Art. This symbol represents the two fundamental principles of Chinese philosophy. Complementary, they represent the two extremes of a whole and coexist together. This notion is specific to Chinese thought, which more readily thinks of duality in the form of complementarity than opposition.

            The outer circle represents the "whole", that is, the universe and all that it contains. It contains the duality of all that exists, the harmony and balance within the universe.