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Recharging tray for minerals

By transmitting its strength, the stone loses its power. Some stones can die from heavy use. Likewise, the mineral can become charged with negative vibrations. It is therefore important to purify them and then to recharge them regularly before each use.

Finally, certain precautions must be taken for purification and for recharging, because all stones do not necessarily support the same technique.

If you want to stop arguing with the different purification and recharging methods, to purify and recharge your minerals, the easiest method is to place them on a Flower of Life tray for example.

We often speak of the Flower of Life for this use, but be aware that basically all sacred geometry symbols have this ability. As each of our symbols is based on the divine proportion of the golden ratio, it is perfectly harmonious and has an incredible capacity for regeneration.

Just choose the symbol that speaks to you the most and it will be perfect for you!

So you can place your stone jewelry, your rough or rolled stones, on a recharging tray every evening before going to bed and you collect them in the morning, loaded with their beautiful energies of life.

Basically we thought and developed this article for this precise use, but as with the majority of our articles, the possibilities are endless!

Feng Shui table for your home

And yes, the tray has 2 notches at the back which allows you to simply hang it on the wall (provide a screw because it is quite heavy). You can also put it on a piece of furniture where it will radiate its beautiful energies.

Like the harmonising disk, the tray has a lacquered coating which gives it an incredible luminosity. The symbols are magnified and we perceive all the subtlety of their layout.

Home is a living space where you should feel good. It is important that there is a good harmonisation of energies.

There is a whole science of habitat that has its origins in the construction of temples. This science is better known under the name of Feng Shui.

As you harmonise your home with the universe, you will also be harmonising and strengthening yourself in life.

In order to be able to:

• Have a peaceful atmosphere in the place, have more serenity
• Unblock financial problems, if these were favoured by the energy of the place
• Restore vitality and a new dynamic in everyday life
• Improve your relations with the other inhabitants of the place

Dynamisation tray

And finally, like many other items we've created, the tray energises your water, essential oils, medications, etc.

Why you shouls drink energised, revitalised, structured water:

• better vitality, reduced fatigue
• better hydration
• better sleep
• better immune system, fewer diseases
• improved endurance and recovery after exercise
• faster feeling of fullness

Each wooden tray is printed by us.

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