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1) Does it really work?

You may be wondering how a simple "drawing" can have so much power?

It is true that sometimes we can find shops that offer you something rather wacky or that sell you miracle solutions.

So no, we did not invent anything. Since the dawn of time, men and women have used vibratory symbols in their lives. Simply because they are active and connect us to the world of LIFE.

Our desire is to offer you all these symbols so that you can use them in a concrete and simple way in your everyday life.

Do you know Dr. Masaru Emoto?

This Japanese researcher became famous for his revolutionary research on the power of water and its ability to "print" any information it receives: written, oral or musical.

Dr. Emoto confirms that "everything is energy" as Einstein said. In addition to electromagnetic radiation, words, feelings, words and even thoughts influence the water. Negative words and thoughts lead to disharmonious crystallizations, while "thank you" or "love" regardless of language form beautiful images.

For more information on the subject, you will find articles on our blog.

2) How can a design have an action on the energy plan?

Each geometric body has its own vibratory energy, which depends on its shape. This is called "wavelenght form". Already in ancient Egypt, as well as in other ancient cultures, it was known that some designs/patterns were more adequate than others when it came to capturing cosmic energies and manifesting them. It was even considered that certain geometric figures and proportions had the capacity to reproduce the harmonious order of the cosmos on earth and thus to make sure that the Micro-Cosmos of over there (a temple or a pyramid) was the exact representation of the Macro -Cosmos from above. This knowledge is called Sacred Geometry. It is the foundation of all the sacred buildings (cathedrals, temples, pyramids, ...), of the whole world.

3) What if I print a Flower of Life found on the internet?

It works but the vibrations will be less powerful on paper than on glass or wood (tested in geobiology). Moreover, the intention of the creator is also important.

And finally, you will find on the internet only 2D symbols. All our vibratory symbols are in 3D, which gives them depth and connect them more powerfully to this energy of life.

4) I already draw mandalas

The Mandala is a tool that allows us to eliminate stress, anxiety, fear and regain coherence, peace and harmony. By simply stopping, taking time for yourself, drawing or coloring inside the circle, there is a vibratory change which allows us to have a better understanding of the current event.

Coloring or drawing a mandala is therefore a beneficial exercise.

However, it does not allow to connect to the living energy of nature, the cosmos.

5) I do not know which one to choose, there is too much choice.

It can be difficult to choose a mandala or another symbol.

Everything in our current lifestyles pushes us to go fast, without taking the time to rest.
And yet, it is by resting, choosing with your heart, that you will have the best results. We will naturally be attracted by the symbol we need or with which we are in affinity.

Everything is a matter of resonance!

And if you still can not?

Ask yourself what you need today to feel better. You can connect to the energy of Life through the Mandala of Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy, etc.

6) How to perform a research on our website?

If you are looking for for a specific virtue / energy (for example, Love, Peace, Trust ...) you can do your research by clicking on the small magnifying glass at the top right of your screen (next to the choice of language and the connection to your customer account).

If the desired virtue does not appear in our catalog or if you wish to print a particular virtue on the medium of your choice, write to us at

7) Where can I see the list of all your mandalas?

Our catalog is available here

We make print choices. We print the mandalas on request on all media available on our shop according to our workload (and no additional cost). If you have a special request, write to us at

8) Where do the symbols come from?

All symbols, with the exception of Mandalas, are original Mandalashop creations

9) Where do your articles come from and where are they printed?

All media are purchased exclusively in Europe. We print almost all the articles in our workshop in France.
The rest, lsome of the t-shirts are printed by local partners in the south of France.

10) What is the delivery leadtime?

We are used to processing your orders at receipt and we ship them within 48H max. This leadtime is subject to slight variations if wee need to print the articles or according to our workload. Your orders are then shipped using Colissimo La Poste (delivery within 48 hours).

11) You are a professional and you want to know how to resell our articles?

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