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Turquoise Flower of Life wall sticker

Turquoise Flower of Life...

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Wall decals and stickers: create a harmonious atmosphere

Zen wall stickers and decals, made in France

Do you want to change or improve your interior decoration? Here you will find our models of wall stickers to decorate your interior in an original way at a low price! Wall decoration for the kitchen or bathroom, decorative stickers for your living room/living room or to decorate your house entrance and even to personalize your toilets... Choose the sticker(s) that suit you and personalize them by choosing the size and colour that will go best with your interior space. Welcome to the world of wall decals...

Each wall sticker is handcrafted in our workshop in France according to your choice of size and colours with quality adhesives specially intended for interior decoration.

They are printed by us in France with Eco solvent inks and thus impress with their colour brilliance and their sharpness and image quality. The symbols are applied to the film using a direct printing process. The print is protected by a protective film.

Let yourself be tempted and decorate your decoration with a decorative sticker!

Wall stickers for home decoration: bedroom, living room, bathroom

Having a well-appointed room is great, but with empty walls... With Mandalashop, composing an original wall decoration and bringing a nice decorative touch is within everyone's reach with wall stickers. Thanks to our wall stickers, you can dress and decorate the walls of any room in the house. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, children's and baby's room, entrance hall, stairway... Every corner of your interior deserves a pretty decoration. By personalizing your wall decal, you can make it fit perfectly into your space while maintaining good harmony. With a carefully selected colour and size, you create your perfect decoration to enhance your interior decoration.

Wall stickers and decals to embellish your home

Wall stickers are the little decorative touch that will make the difference and enhance your interior. No more lifeless empty walls! Mandalashop is the specialist in sacred geometry symbols and home décor.

Decorative stickers are the ideal solution to decorate and personalize your interior. Through our catalogue, we offer our customers a wide range of wall and decorative stickers to bring and give your interior the decorative touch that makes the difference. Our adhesives easily find their place in your interiors.

Our catalogue of wall stickers is constantly expanding to offer you more and more models and styles. Opting for wall decoration with our products also means choosing to buy wall stickers made directly in our workshop in France at affordable prices for all.

Why decorate with wall decals?

The answer to this question is very simple. It can be summed up in just 3 words: Simple, fast and beautiful. Yes beautiful! Contrary to many popular beliefs, stickers or stickers for interior decoration and more specifically for walls offer very beautiful renderings when they are of high quality. On our shop you will find only models made to order according to your selection criteria to ensure a perfect quality of finish and above all a perfect harmony with your existing decoration. No matter the room to which you want to add an extra decorative touch, you will find the wall sticker model you need. Also discover our cheap wall stickers to decorate your home.

Tree wall stickers

On the theme of nature, they can give a relaxing atmosphere to your room. You can opt for a beautiful colourful tree of life which will completely brighten up a clean room, you can choose brightly coloured flowers of life on a wall to dress it up and create a real atmosphere of your own.

How to put and stick your wall stickers?

All our products are delivered with an installation guide which details step by step the procedure to follow to successfully install your wall sticker. As the products are cut to shape and therefore do not have a white or transparent background, the application is carried out using a transfer film applied in our manufacturing workshop. This film allows you to take off your sticker from its backing paper to stick it very simply and quickly to the place you have chosen in your room.

Note that all our wall stickers can also be used to decorate any smooth surface such as a piece of furniture, a fridge door or other...

How to remove your wall stickers?

Once your wall decal is applied to the wall, and you want to change it, know that no sticky residue will be left on the wall. Stickers can be removed easily. Just slowly separate each piece from the wall and throw it away.

Where to buy decorative stickers?

You will find stickers either in our reseller’s shops or our website. In ordinary shops, you will have very beautiful stickers of good quality. Be aware, however, that they are produced in large series with a very random quality. The risk is therefore to find your sticker at one of your relatives, as long as you have the same tastes.

At Mandalashop, you will have a wider choice of sacred geometry symbols and especially the possibility choosing the size and the colour according to your needs. They are of a higher quality.