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Sacred geometry invites itself into your life, especially in your interior decoration, whether you live in France or in another country. Tree of life, flower of life, mandala, Metatron's cube... We printed each symbol of sacred geometry on different supports to make it a Zen decorative object. At Mandalashop, you will find a wide selection of attractively priced home accessories for decorating your home with sacred geometry to create a soothing, relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Home decoration accesssories and Feng shui

A thousand-year-old science was known by all the peoples of the world and has been preserved in China under the name of "Feng Shui": bringing harmony to one's home, to one's family. The Chinese form of this universal knowledge has also been very successful in recent years in Western countries.

This science is based in particular on the knowledge of the harmony of the forms and the influences they release, of the atmospheres. It also takes into account the relationship between family life and the house: its orientation, its constitution, its materials but also the arrangement of furniture, rooms, in harmony with the cosmos, the stars, but also with the environment. immediate, the landscape... all these things being important.

Of course, this science of forms is real and important. But this is not complete. We must also take into account the world of thought, the world of feelings, the world of relationships and the world of meaning, of the meaning of life. It is necessary to put meaning, intelligence, a spiritual dimension to earthly existence. The harmony of a hearth, the harmony of a house, the harmony in a family goes beyond the physical aspect and the aspect of forms. Some modern habits are not in harmony, not balanced, for example, putting televisions in the kitchens, computers in the bedrooms; thus mixing all the living spaces in the house.

In general, it is therefore necessary to avoid mixtures and to ensure that each thing has its function, its place. There is a lot of work to be done to restore meaning, intelligence, bring simplicity to all areas of our lives.

Creating a zen space in your house is a way to bring harmony, a different atmosphere where everyone can flourish.

Zen decor, Zen decor, Zen decor! The word is out, do you want a Zen space or a Zen style in your house? But you don't know where to start... Here are some ideas for a zen and refined decoration.

How to create a Zen decor with sacred geometry

At Mandalashop, we value each symbol of sacred geometry (tree of life, flower of life, mandala, Metatron's cube) so that it becomes an element that fits perfectly into your home and brings you well-being and harmony. Indeed, it is important that your habitat is restful. You must therefore opt for a zen and feng shui decoration in order to reduce stress and anxiety situations. To do this, a sacred geometry symbol (or several) is the ideal choice.

Sacred geometry is indeed a category of religious or spiritual symbols integrating form, space and time. These forms are found in sacred places (mosques, churches, etc.), historical monuments, etc. In France and around the world, each symbol of sacred geometry is used for decoration to promote meditation and create a space of relaxation for the person occupying the room.

To learn more about the advantages of integrating a symbol of sacred geometry into your wall decoration, you can read our article on this subject on our site. All our home accessories for the well-being and harmonization of your home are created and printed in France.

Your home decor accessories shop

We are the specialist in sacred geometry symbols in France. We have developed a unique concept combining symbol of sacred geometry and chromotherapy. Mandala, tree of life, flower of life, Metatron's cube… Our range of Zen home accessories is intended for anyone who loves art and wishes to harmonize their house.

Wall decoration and decorative items for the home

Mandalashop offers a multitude of Zen home accessories to create a soothing atmosphere and a Zen atmosphere in your living or working space.

The tree of life canvas for your wall decoration are well-designed and spread good energies in the room where they are placed. These elements will bring you total well-being. Like the canvases, our stickers harmonize the energies of the rooms and provide a soothing atmosphere. In this case, you can hang these decorative accessories on the wall, on furniture or on the fridge to take advantage of the natural light throughout the day. You will also find on our site other tree of life products such as the sun catcher and the tray.

The flower of life is a powerful harmonizing tool that revitalizes, cleanses and increases the vibrational rate that connects a person to the universe. Used as a decorative object, this symbol of sacred geometry invites meditation and relaxation. You will find on our site many decorative items at attractive prices such as cushion covers, energizing trays, candle holders, flower of life stone incense holders to put in the living room or in the bedroom.

Our flower of life canvas is also an accessory that harmonizes your home. On Mandalashop, the flower of life is also available in mugs, thermos bottles, trays, cups, placemats to decorate your kitchen. Our products are available in several colors. You can also use a flower of life sticker or magnet to enhance your furniture or your fridge in order to bring protection and balance to the rooms of your home in just a few minutes.

home decor accessories

For a zen bedroom and living room

Although it is sometimes complicated to achieve this, it is important to create a healthy and pleasant living and working environment in which you feel good.

Do you want a zen bedroom or living room?

Colors play an essential role in the harmony of a room. Choosing a colour for a child's room should be treated with great care. The wrong combination can spoil the mood of the bedroom and the atmosphere of the room.

In general, prefer pastel colours, beiges etc.

If you are advised a red or bright colour, run away because it is very bad advice if you end up having restful nights.

And if you want to bring the Zen touch to your house and you don't know where to start, don't panic! You will find on our shop all the necessary home accessories to embellish your living space and make it radiate good energies.

Modern home decor candle holders and accessories

Mandalashop offers a wide range of glass candle holders that will embellish your house. All are created and printed with love in our shop.

What colour for a Zen decor?

Decoration being an art, there is not really a code to respect. Let your creativity express itself to sublimate your interior to your taste. Our mandala home accessories bring you inner peace and tranquility. You must choose your mandala according to the energy or the virtue that you wish to develop in your life. It can be for example joy, concentration, letting go.

The art of feng shui for the home teaches us that certain colours are more conducive to calm and serenity. For the bedroom, for example, opt for pastel colours in bluish hues. To energize your living space, choose orange or red colours.

If you need advice before purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Order your Zen home accessories at low prices on Mandalashop to take advantage of professional quality handcrafted products made in France. We deliver your items quickly throughout United-Kingdom and also internationally.

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