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Dream catcher of Wisdom t-shirt for women

Dream catcher of Wisdom...

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Dream catcher Flower of Life t-shirt for women

Dream catcher Flower of...

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Zen original t-shirts

Find harmony and vitality with our new range of vibratory t-shirts!

We are made of 70% of water. By wearing our energy t-shirts, symbols of sacred geometry will powerfully affect you and those around you.

You will wear this vibration throughout the day and you will spread the beautiful positive energies of mandalas in all your cells. You will be able to increase your well-being and your energy potential.

Each symbol will also allow you to reconnect with yourself. It has become an essential thing in our hectic lives! It will give you the momentum to face your day!

Just put on, the softness of organic cotton will accompany you both at work and for leisure, or for your practice of meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

Chromotherapy or the art of healing colours

There is, in the mandala or the other symbols that we have developed, an associated colour, which should preferably be chosen according to your feelings.

“Colour goes with mood”. This is what chromotherapy (colour therapy) teaches us: with each colour is associated a well-defined type of emotion. Every day we use expressions that reflect the link between a colour and an emotion: laughing yellow, moping, seeing red, being green with rage, seeing life in pink, being scared blue, the green of the hope...

Each colour has its field of action within our emotional palette. Like a painter, we more or less consciously choose the colours that correspond to us psychologically both in our place of life but also on a daily basis in the choice of clothes we wear. We all have clothes, colours that we like to wear just because we feel good, we feel better dressed that way.
If you tune in to yourself in the morning before you get dressed, you will naturally feel which colours are right for you for this new day. Colour is like food for the emotional body. If you feel tired, consciously put on red. You will find that your clothes will give you vitality ... and if you don't like red, choose an orange, it will give you energy and a cheerful, spontaneous side.

This little daily exercise is great for developing self-listening skills. Just ask yourself the question "What colour do I need or want to wear today?" Over time, you will become more and more sensitive to the influence of colour.

Original t-shirts for the whole family

We have carefully designed the design of all our t-shirts. These are items you won't find anywhere else. They are unique.

Each Mandala, each symbol, will radiate its positive energy on you and your environment. If you are sensitive you will quickly feel the benefits.

Your organic cotton t-shirt

Our t-shirts are very comfortable to wear, soft to the touch and of excellent quality. We chose the top of the organic cotton t-shirt for its quality, its finishes and its impeccable fit as well as respect for our values.

Our t-shirts are therefore only made from natural fibers from sustainable plantations, offering unparalleled softness to our pieces.

All are certified by the biggest labels (GOTS, OCS Blended, Oeko-Tex). And the factories meet the strictest safety criteria and are chosen for their respect for the working conditions of workers in accordance with our supplier's commitment to the Fair Wear Foundation.

We print some t-shirts ourselves (flocking) and the other models are printed in the south of France.