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About minerals

What you need to know is that your minerals are living things that are getting depleted. Poorly maintained, they can lose their therapeutic properties.

When to purify your minerals?

When you receive or buy a mineral, it must be purified to evacuate all the influences that it has been responsible for from its extraction until it arrives in your hands. And we know very well that often wild extraction methods energetically damage minerals because they keep this memory inside of them.

And on the other hand, when you buy a stone in a store, it has been handled by many people, placed in various places and stored a multitude of energies.

It should be unloaded from these and recharged with its initial energies.

The Flower of Life to purify stones

In lithotherapy, minerals aspirate the surrounding negative emotions and diffuse their positive energies. It is important to clean them regularly.

Moreover, in the absence of regular maintenance, the minerals no longer act correctly and end up having total inactivity or even transmitting polluted and polluting energies.

The stones must be recharged after each cleaning. The frequency will depend on the energy level of your stones. You can test with a pendulum, for example, or just listen to how you feel.

The cleaning and recharging methods vary depending on the stones: water, sun, moon, salt, sage, quartz geodes etc….

We get lost quickly.

And if you use the wrong method of recharging, you risk losing the colours of your stones and weakening them energetically.

To avoid any inconvenience, to purify and recharge your minerals, the easiest method is to place them on a Flower of Life for example. We often speak of the Flower of Life for this use, but be aware that basically all sacred geometry symbols have this ability. Just choose the symbol that speaks to you the most and it will be perfect for you!

So you can place your stone jewelry, your rough or rolled stones, on an Flower of Life energising tray or a Metatron’s Cube energising tray every evening before going to bed.

You collect them in the morning, charged with their beautiful energies of life.

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