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Owl-shaped blue evil eye

Owl-shaped blue evil eye

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    The Nazar Boncuk, also known as the Turkish Blue Eye, is a symbol deeply rooted in Turkish and Mediterranean culture. This amulet, shaped like an eye, is supposed to protect against the evil eye, jealousy and negative energies. But what is Nazar Boncuk, and why is it so significant? Delve into the history and meaning of this powerful symbol, and discover our unique glass products made in Turkey, which proudly display the Nazar Boncuk in different forms. This talisman has taken many forms over the years and can be found everywhere hanging in souvenir shops or on the windows of houses in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

    The Turkish Blue Eye - A powerful symbol of protection

    What is the symbol of Nazar?

    The exact origin of Nazar Boncuk is shrouded in mystery, but it is widely associated with Turkey and the Mediterranean regions. The belief in protection against the evil eye is ancient and dates back to many Mediterranean and Eastern civilizations.

    Meaning and origin of Nazar Boncuk

    The Nazar Boncuk usually consists of a blue or turquoise circle with an eye-shaped design in the center. This design represents a watchful eye that watches over and deflects the evil eye. The color blue is associated with the color of the sky, serenity, peace and protection in many cultures. White is traditionally associated with purity.

    It is also sometimes found associated with the Hand of Fatima which is a symbol of protection.

    Traditional use

    The Nazar Boncuk is traditionally used to protect individuals and their possessions against the evil eye. It can be worn as jewelry, hung on everyday objects, as an object of good fortune, prosperous life, or used as wall decoration in homes.


    Our glass products with the Nazar Boncuk symbol

    Creation and artisanal manufacturing of the Turkish eye

    Our glass paste products with the Nazar Boncuk symbol are carefully manufactured in Turkey by experienced artisans. Each Turkish lucky charm is the result of traditional know-how passed down from generation to generation.

    Since its first appearance in Turkey, it is now sold throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It is also found throughout the Aegean region.

    Turkish lucky charm: various shapes

    We offer a variety of shapes for our Nazar Boncuk glass products, each with its own special meaning and charm:

    Nazar Boncuk Rounds: Nazar Boncuk rounds represent overall protection against the evil eye. They are perfect for wearing as pendants or hanging from everyday objects.

    Nazar Boncuk Hearts: Nazar Boncuk hearts symbolize love and protection. They are ideal gifts to show your affection to your loved ones while protecting them.

    Nazar Boncuk Pentagrams: Nazar Boncuk pentagrams add a touch of spiritual energy to protection. They are perfect for those looking for deeper meaning.

    Nazar Boncuk Owls: Nazar Boncuk owls represent wisdom and vigilance. They are ideal amulets for those who want intelligent protection.

    Nazar amulets with unique designs

    Each of our Nazar Boncuk glass products features an authentic Nazar Boncuk design. We offer a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, so you can find the one that suits you best.

    The Nazar Boncuk for home decoration

    Nazar Boncuk for home decor offers a captivating way to add both a unique visual aesthetic and deep cultural meaning to your living space. This blue eye symbol, native to Turkey and popular in Mediterranean regions, is much more than just a decorative element. It is loaded with ancient beliefs and traditions related to protection against the evil eye, luck and positivity.

    1. Talisman of protection and removal of the evil eye: Traditionally, the Nazar Boncuk is a talisman used to repel the evil eye, jealousy and negative energies. By placing this blue eye in your home, you create a symbolic shield that watches over your space and its inhabitants, providing protection against harmful influences and evil spirits.

    2. Good luck and luck charm: The Nazar Boncuk is also considered a good luck charm. The blue eye is believed to attract luck, promote prosperity, and keep obstacles out of your path. By integrating it into your home decor, you can create an environment that exudes positivity and well-being.

    3. Cultural symbolism: In addition to its protective and lucky aspects, the Nazar Boncuk has great cultural value. It represents an important part of Turkish and Mediterranean culture, and it is often associated with generosity and benevolence. Having this element in your home demonstrates your appreciation of these rich and age-old traditions.

    4. Varied Decorating Options: The Nazar Boncuk comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it a versatile choice for interior decorating.

    In short, Nazar Boncuk for home decoration is much more than just an aesthetic accessory. It brings deep cultural meaning, symbolic protection and a touch of positivity to your living space. Whether you want to create a visual focal point or simply add a subtle note of tradition to your home, the Nazar Boncuk is an enchanting choice for interior design.

    Where to place Nazar Boncuk?

    The ideal location for placing a Nazar Boncuk in your home depends on your personal preference, the size of the amulet, and the aesthetic of your space. Here are some suggestions for popular places where you can place a Nazar Boncuk for decoration and protection:

    Front Door: Hanging a Nazar Boncuk outside your front door is a common practice. It is believed to repel the evil eye upon entering your home, protecting residents and visitors alike.

    Inside the front door: If you prefer to keep it inside, hang it in a visible location above the front door. This allows the Nazar Boncuk to continue to protect your home while remaining visible.

    Walls of the house: You can also hang Nazar Boncuk on the walls of different rooms in your house. Choose places where they will be in plain sight, such as the living room, dining room or bedroom.

    Kitchen: The kitchen is a popular place to place a Nazar Boncuk, as it is often the heart of the home. You can hang it near the window, above the sink or next to the kitchen door.

    Bedroom: For a touch of protection in your personal space, place a Nazar Boncuk on your nightstand or above your bed.

    Office or Workplaces: If you have a home office, a Nazar Boncuk can bring welcome protection and positivity to your work environment.

    Car: Many people hang a Nazar Boncuk in their car, usually on the interior rearview mirror, for protection while traveling.

    Gifts: Nazar Boncuk also make excellent gifts. You can gift them to your friends and family for their protection and good luck.

    Windows: Finally, you can also place a Nazar Boncuk near the windows, where it can catch the sunlight and shine, adding an extra decorative touch to your space.

    Exactly where you place your Nazar Boncuk depends on your aesthetic preferences and the meaning you want to give it in your daily life. The main thing is to keep it clearly visible so that it can fulfill its role of symbolic protection.

    Why offer a Nazar Boncuk?

    A gift of protection

    Nazar Boncuk is often given as a gift to friends and family, especially on special occasions. It is a gesture of kindness to wish luck, happiness and protection to those who receive it.

    Symbol of positivity

    The Nazar Boncuk has become an iconic symbol of Turkish culture and superstition against the evil eye. Over time, it has become a part of popular culture and is also valued as a souvenir for travelers visiting Turkey and the Mediterranean regions.

    Renewal of protection

    According to tradition, if a Nazar Boncuk breaks, it has played its role in repelling evil, and it must then be replaced by a new one, thus renewing the protection.

    Where to buy Nazar Boncuk at a low price?

    The Nazar Boncuk, a powerful symbol of protection and positivity, continues to illuminate the lives of many people around the world. By wearing our Turkish-made glass products with the Nazar Boncuk symbol, you can not only show off your style, but also benefit from the age-old tradition of protection against the evil eye. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of protection and positivity with our unique and beautifully crafted Nazar Boncuk products.

    Protect yourself in style. Discover our Nazar Boncuk products today.