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We have developed this range of original pencil holders by printing in particular vibratory Mandalas in relation to the world of the office, work and the need for concentration.

It is true that since the famous Carl Jung imported the mandala to the West as a therapeutic tool, the mandala is unanimous in art therapy, in personal development activities and in psychotherapy.

It allows refocusing, inner calm, self-knowledge, appeasement and psychic restructuring.

Mandalas for children

While it is normal for a toddler to move around and not be focused on play for very long, some children are more active than others and have very limited attention span.

Each child has a distinct constitution and character traits, and this is what makes each unique being.

And it is because sacred geometry symbols naturally radiate their positive vibrations into the space where they are placed that we have thought of your children.

Once placed on their desk or workspace, the mandala will begin to act on your child, regardless of whether or not they focus on its geometric shape or colours.

Subtle work will be done in depth.

You can also invite your child to have a look at their mandala if they wish. It's like a companion who will be by his side to help him complete tasks more easily.

Kitchen utensils pot

And for moms (or dads, eh!), This cute original pencil holder will turn into a useful and practical pot in your kitchen.

In the same way, each symbol of sacred geometry will raise the vibratory rate of your space by its natural radiance.

And be sure, it will brighten up your space nicely.

We print all the items ourselves, and the potd are in ceramic. This gives them an incomparable luminosity and the outline of the symbols is magnified.

Dimensions: height 9.5 cm, Ø 8.2 cm

Black interior, panoramic printing (symbols are printed on both sides)

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