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Flower of Life Stickers

Small Flower of Life Stickers

Mandalashop offers self-adhesive stickers with the Flower of Life.

We have now developed 2 formats: a 4 cm and a 10 cm.

The models we offer are our own creations and are printed in the south of France. No more standard models that you find everywhere!

The paper we have selected is a white vinyl adhesive, which guarantees solidity and quality to the prints.

Large Flower of Life Stickers

We are also developing much larger models, with a diameter of 20 cm.

Where to put the Flower of Life stickers?

Flower of Life Laptop Sticker

You can stick your Flower of Life self-adhesive sticker on your smartphone, your computer, television, devices emitting electromagnetic energy but also on your windows, your walls, your doors... in short, any place where your inspiration will guide you.

We have developed the Flower of Life 4 cm sticker especially so that you can stick it on the back of your phone. It will thus adapt to all models.

You can also stick them on your places of life: fridge, window to another.

Flower of Life sticker for bottle

The Flower of Life stickers, with their wavelenght form, studied by many scientists, has proven in the laboratory its ability to restructure water in 3 minutes!

Even if other media lend themselves much better for dynamization (such as the energizing glass plate for example) you can stick a Flower of Life sticker on your bottles, carafes, water filters, bowls for animals, etc. !

Flower of Life car sticker

You can also stick a sticker in your car.

This symbol of sacred geometry will bring you serenity, balance and protection in your daily life.

Flower of Life wall sticker

You can perfectly stick a self-adhesive sticker on a wall. On the other hand, you will not be able to remove it without risking damaging your wall. The repositionable model, on the other hand, is not suitable for this type of support.

Transparent Flower of Life Sticker

Our repositionable transparent models are perfect for all your smooth surfaces, such as window, fridge or other.

They will let sunlight through and create harmony in your living or working space.

And if you are a therapist, or you have a shop, consider sticking a repositionable Flower of Life sticker on your windows or on your shop window. It will help create a Zen atmosphere and give a feeling of openness to your customers and visitors.

Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube Stickers

Know that you can alternate symbols by sticking Metatron's Cube stickers in your living or working space.

Take the time to recharge your batteries by looking at your Flower of Life sticker and trying to let yourself be absorbed by its universe. First, contemplate its colors, its shapes and let yourself be won over by its surprising harmony. Then perceive its energy, its soul, its intelligence. This can awaken in you a new outlook on yourself and those around you.

By its structure, the Flower of Life tells us about the creation and the harmony of the cosmos. It connects what is inside, the microcosmos, to what is outside, the macrocosmos. The planets moving in a circle around the sun constitute a Mandala. Likewise, the galaxies, with their spiral shape, or the atoms gravitating around the nucleus reflect the same structure, the same intelligence manifesting itself in the infinitely small and in the infinitely large.

The central point represents the creative source, Divinity, eternity. The spiral symbolizes the feminine principle, the sphere of breathing, creation, time.

Concentrating on a Mandala, or on the Flower of Life, allows you to refocus, to take stock, to find the essence of everything.

Flower of Life to print

Depending on your needs, know that you can also download Flowers of Life to print for free here.

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