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We are pleased to present our new collection of repositionable transparent self-adhesive window stickers!

Just as blood is essential to our physical health, light is essential to our spiritual health. If you get into the habit of concentrating on the light and its different rays, you will feel how it works on you to purify you, to invigorate you.

Whatever the circumstances of life and whatever your activities, once in a while you can stop for a moment, focus on your sticker, and imagine that you are stepping into the light, that you are soaking up the light. Experience it, you will be surprised.

In a day, even if you are very busy, your tasks, your obligations do not take all your time or all your attention, you sometimes have a few minutes... it is sometimes necessary to take breaks !

Well, in those moments, think about the light, focus on it. Little by little it will bring you peace, balance, strength and true knowledge. And when you concentrate on the light, think that you will enter the river of life which crosses the universe, which nourishes the stones, the plants, the animals, the humans, all the visible and invisible creatures.

Window and decorative stickers for windows and mirrors

Window and glass door stickers

You can stick your transparent sticker on your bay window or your glass door and enjoy the play of colors projected on the floor.

Whichever symbol you choose, it will radiate happily into your space. You will enjoy laying your eyes on it and indulging in relaxation.

Bathroom window stickers

You may not have thought of it, but you can also affix your sticker, either on the mirror of your bathroom or on the glass of the shower if you have one. The main thing is that the surface is flat.

How to place and remove your stickers from the glass?

To effectively place a sticker on a window, use water (soapy or not). If you see that bubbles remain under the surface, use a soft cloth and chase the bubbles away using a credit card (for example) which you will place on the cloth so as not to damage your sticker.

All our transparent stickers are repositionable. You can therefore enjoy their beautiful vibrations wherever you are: at home, in the office, in your treatment room, in your shop. What is certain is that our models will delight everyone's eyes: your family, your guests and your customers.

To remove your sticker, proceed with caution. To avoid damaging the sticker and your window, preferably use a thin, non-abrasive object (watch out for fingernails!)

Where can I find window stickers?

At Mandalashop you will find window stickers created and printed by us in our workshop. We develop all our models with sacred geometry symbols. Also we offer Flower of Life stickers, Metatron's Cube stickers, Seed of Life stickers as well as Lotus Flower stickers.

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