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Feeling something that arouses your emotions every day is a great way to find energy for a full and fulfilling life. And the deeper the emotion, the clearer and purer the vibrations you feel.

The level of joy, vitality and meaning in each day is directly related to the degree to which you allow your emotions to be affected by what is going on around you. Take the time to look around you, accompanying yourself with harmonious geometric shapes based on the golden ratio that speak to your heart.

The harmonising disk to energise water, food or products

Knowing that we are made of 70% of water, it is important to purify the internal water in your body and make the water you drink as pure and healthy as possible.

Here's an easy way to do it: Before you have a drink of water, take a break and watch it. With warm and loving thoughts, say "Thank you" to the water, then drink it.

You can also pronounce aloud the vibration that corresponds to the Mandala or the symbol you have chosen. Speaking the word strengthens the vibration. Also, saying "Thank you" or "Letting go" or "Optimism" to water before drinking it changes its taste.

The moment you say "Thank you" or utter virtue, the positive vibration spreads from the water to the atmosphere forming an aura around you, and your body feels it. Water is water, whether it is in your glass, in the atmosphere, or in your body. All of these waters are fundamentally connected even though we are mostly oblivious to them. The water outside of you resonates with the water inside you.

The harmonising disk to cleanse and recharge your minerals

In lithotherapy, minerals suck the surrounding negative emotions and diffuse their positive energies. It is important to cleanse them regularly.

Moreover, in the absence of regular maintenance, the minerals no longer act correctly and end up having total inactivity or even transmitting polluted and polluting energies.

The stones must be recharged after each cleaning. The frequency will depend on the energy level of your stones. You can test with a pendulum, for example, or just listen to how you feel.

Nothing could be simpler than placing your stones on the harmonising disc in the evening to cleanse and recharge them. You will no longer have to worry about when the next full moon is, if your stone fears water etc.

The harmonising disk for meditation

Even if larger supports are more appropriate for meditation, the harmonising disk is above all a practical object to take everywhere with you.

At any time of the day, whether you feel the need to be more Zen, you can focus for a few moments on your Mandala or on your symbol to refocus and get calm inside you.

There is a wide variety of vibrations in your body, and the stresses accumulated during the day change them slowly, little by little. There is nothing more powerful and pure than the resonance between two positive vibrations.

You can stay healthy and happy by releasing stress and finding pure resonance created by pure vibration like wave lenght forms. Each symbol is based on the golden ratio and its shape is perfectly harmonious.

Each symbol emits a radiance, a vibration of its own. Listen to your feelings to choose the one or those that suit you best.

In addition to being a beautiful Zen decorative object, the disk offers a multitude of possibilities:

It allows you to:
Energise water, food or products.
Cleanse and recharge your minerals.
• Harmonise and purify the subtle vibratory bodies and the energy centers of the human body.
• Harmonise places
• And focus on positive thoughts.

We print all the wooden harmonising disks in a traditional way in our workshop.

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