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        Sri Yantra Articles - Symbol of spirituality and harmony

        The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometry symbol considered the oldest of all Yantras. This geometric symbol is used to achieve a certain level of concentration. It symbolizes the origin of existence. The Sri Yantra is widely used by followers of yoga and meditation. Taken from Hinduism, the Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra is present in Taoism and Buddhism. This sacred geometry symbol represents the relationship between human and metaphysics. It helps to achieve enlightenment and improves life. The Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra is an excellent tool for personal development. We offer you a diverse range of meditation and personal development tools that work with this mandala.

        Sri Yantra canvas for more positive energy

        They are vibratory canvas that allow to have positive energy in a room. Sri Yantra canvases address the body and the mind. They can create emotions and reactions when they resonate with your inner self. The Sri Yantra canvas creates a connection with your being. Still called Sri Chakra, the mandala on the canvas releases a positive energy that purifies the room.

        This product is often used by therapists to create positive energy in a room. The vibrations aroused by the mandala accompany you on a daily basis and improve your life. It promotes personal development and fulfillment. The Sri Yantra canvas is the ideal tool for the harmonization of energies and the practice of mediation at home or in the office. It is available in blue, black and purple background. Order your Sri Yantra canvas from us.

        Sri yantra

        Sri Yantra harmonising mat to refocus

        This mat is intended for people who wish to have more constraints during their meditation time. Many people find it difficult to control themselves during a moment of meditation. Our harmonising Sri Yantra mat helps you channel your thoughts for better meditation. By focusing your attention on this mandala, you can have the calm and inner peace you seek.

        You can learn more about this symbol of sacred geometry that allows you to refocus to find calm, serenity and well-being within you. The Sri Yantra harmonising mat thus helps to eliminate negativities from your life. You will find on Mandalashop harmonising Sri Yantra carpets available in blue, black and purple background.

        Sri Yantra energising tray for better energy balance

        Our energising tray is one of the most popular products among sacred geometry symbol connoisseurs. The energizing tray indeed helps to improve the taste and reduces the level of acidity in drinks such as wine, coffee, fruit juice. The energizing Sri Yantra tray also makes it possible to have energized water.

        Thanks to the sacred geometry symbol on the tray, the consumption of energized drinks provides better hydration and better sleep. Just drop your drink on the sacred geometry symbol. This helps to improve recovery after exercise. The Sri Yantra energizing tray revitalizes food and improves your energy balance. It is a tool that offers you benefits every day of your life.

        Sri Yantra Round Mouse Pad for Positive Energies

        Our Sri Yantra mouse pads are a real source of inspiration for yoga and meditation enthusiasts. This mandala creates spiritual and material abundance in your life. The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometry symbol that helps you focus on positive energies. Thanks to its natural radiance of positive energy, sacred geometry helps you on a daily basis.

        The Sri Yantra round mouse pad is an ideal tool for moments of meditation and the search for inner calm. These moments of meditation allow you to attract the right energy to you through the law of attraction. This product is available in different colors (black, blue and purple). You can order your Sri Yantra Round Mouse Pad from Mandalashop. You will find many Sri Yantra products in our shop.