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Unique Wind Spinners: Add a spiritual touch

Make way for visual harmony with our unique wind spinners!

At Mandalashop, we have unearthed some new gems for you! Come and discover our wind spinners, or wind mobiles. These unique pieces add a touch of magic to your indoor or outdoor space. Our collection obviously revolves around sacred geometry. We've brought together sturdy, stainless steel pieces, meticulously designed with the major symbols of sacred geometry. These are unique creations. We assemble them ourselves in our workshop.

Decorative wind mobiles for outdoors and indoors

Our wind spinners add a touch of charm and elegance to your interior spaces. You can hang them near a window, in a corner of your living room or on a sunny veranda. They naturally captivate the eye and bring a feeling of movement and lightness to any room. Made from stainless steel, our wind spinners are robust. They have been designed to complement all styles of interior design. With the built-in crystal, they capture light and movement. They are unique pieces ideal if you are looking for both beauty and tranquility in your living space (indoor or outdoor).

Metal wind mobile to hang for the garden

If you hang your wind mobile in the garden, you will enjoy seeing it spin and spread its halos of light on your garden table. You can hang it above flowers, bushes or trees. These mobiles capture light breezes and transform them into an enchanting spectacle of movement and color. They're made with durable materials, so they're built to withstand the elements and maintain their shine season after season.

As their name suggests, wind spinners require wind to spin and create their visual effect. It is best to place it in an area of your garden where there is a regular light or moderate breeze. It is best to avoid places that are too sheltered or corners where the wind is blocked by buildings or trees.

Our wind spinners come with a crystal pendant. Think about the effect of light on your wind spinner. Placed in a location where it can capture the sun's rays, your wind spinner will sparkle and create dazzling reflections that will illuminate your garden, especially at the end of the day.

Why choose us ?

Add a touch of magic and spirituality with our wind spinners featuring sacred geometry symbols.
When you receive your order, you will appreciate the beauty and artisanal quality of our products. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail. Tools for meditation and deep reflection, treat yourself to a unique sensory and spiritual experience with our wind spinners. And let the wind carry you to a new dimension of peace and harmony!