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7-ray Flower of Life Mug

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          Flower of Life and mandalas ceramic mugs

          Masaru Emoto's experiences

          Becoming famous for his books showing beautiful geometric figures of ice crystals, Masaru Emoto has spoken to the world by declaring that thoughts and emotions have an impact on water. For more than twenty years he has studied water and its structure, and the conclusion of his work gives a new perspective on everyday life.

          He has shown that the structure of water is changed by the thoughts and emotions that permeate it.

          So, all that is beautiful and good produces beauty, order and harmony, and the reverse occurs in opposite situations. Knowing that water constitutes 99% of the molecules in the human body, it is essential to transmit good information to it.

          Our thoughts and emotions influence the world more than we think.

          Your positive morning thought

          Do you prefer tea or coffee?

          What is certain is that we all usually have our precious drink before going to the office or before our daily activities.

          The first pulse in the morning is often the right one.

          By drinking your tea or coffee in a Mandala mug, you will be able to focus on positive thoughts to start your day well.

          Positive thinking to relieve stress

          Positive thinking allows you to focus on the present moment, to no longer anticipate problems, and to fight against ruminations. We learn to stop controlling everything.

          At a time when all values are collapsing, when a growing imbalance is manifesting itself at the level of the economy, health, family, more and more individuals are becoming aware of a great void in their existence and in that of humanity in general, of an absence of true and deep meaning.

          By taking care of the virtues in one's life, one develops positive thinking. We take care of the purest within ourselves because everything is interrelated.

          If you vivify one or more virtues, you will nourish within you other thoughts, feelings and wills which will transform your body and therefore your perception. If your perception changes, what is invisible will become visible and something greater will reveal itself to you and speak to you. Where an ordinary man passes and sees nothing, the man united to luminous and pure virtues discovers splendour, magnificence.

          By resonance, by harmonisation, by the nature of your thoughts, your feelings, your will, you form more subtle organs. When you take care of, vivify certain virtues in your life organs of perception can developp. It vivifies you.

          The virtues are the activators of life, they are the invisible, the subtle that brings life. They can guide you to greater awareness, clearer thoughts, calmer feelings.

          By looking at your mug you can work with its virtue by thinking, or by naming it several times a day: for example “Letting go ... Letting go ... Letting go ...” or “Confidence…. Confidence…. Confidence…."

          The mandala is a privileged link with a virtue. It unites you with a higher intelligence and allows it to be a part of your life. It is a real open door to a sacred world filled with wisdom.

          Our mandalas are real magical talismans, which were created on the model of flowers. Just as flowers give off a sweet and subtle scent in the atmospheres, when you work with a virtue, with a mandala, you gradually learn to give off a scent through your beautiful thoughts and noble feelings, which attract a purer world.

          Our mandalas allow you to awaken your hidden center, the one that opens the way for you to your soul and the great mystery of your true eternal being. All of these sacred mandalas are tools of balance that bring Light.

          And what about mug cake?

          Yes, it seems that it has become fashionable to make a chocolate mug cake!

          We're really not microwave fans, but since your mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, you can use it perfectly for that. And don't forget to send us pictures to show us the result!