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Live in harmony

It is important to have a life in harmony with the deepest aspirations of your true being. For this it is important to put everything in place inside and around you so that these values to which we aspire can be manifested in everyday life.

In the universe, everything is vibration, everything is filled with life, everything radiates a field of influences which acts on your body, your being, your life and your destiny. Knowing how to surround yourself with good vibrations is to preserve in you and around you balance, harmony, happiness.

Since everything is alive, you must be able to choose what acts positively on you, uplifts and protects you, leads you where you really want to go, keeps you on the path to inner joy.

Everything that surrounds you acts: colours, shapes, thoughts, nature, beings, objects ... You must therefore know how to surround yourself with the vibrations which nourish in you the highest aspirations.

The outside world is constantly calling on us and it is easy to get lost in the many suggestions that surround us, to let certain negative vibrations fertilize us.

Choose the living environment, the sounds, the beings, the objects, the food, the thoughts, the activities with which you wish to live to inspire you, to surround you, to uplift you and to protect you.

Surrounding yourself with good vibrations is to alleviate situations, contexts, influences that do not vibrate at the frequency of our soul. It is choosing on a daily basis, in a conscious, clear and simple way, to offer our soul the best, the purest, the highest.

If you are not vigilant it is easy to get sidetracked and caught, allowing certain harmful vibrations to enter your home, and plant their seeds in your indoor garden.

Choose what brings joy, happiness, love, what vibrates in harmony with your heart.

Surround yourself with symbols of good luck

Vibratory symbols in general act by themselves, so all you have to do is wear them in the form of your choice or place them in your environment to enjoy their benefits.
But you can also set up a meditative practice. Contemplate its colour, its shape and then let yourself be won over by its surprising harmony. Then perceive his energy, his soul, his intelligence. This can awaken in you a new outlook on yourself and those around you.
The purpose of this exercise is to perceive the energetic aura of the symbol and enter it to receive blessing and protection. It increases your own energy and awareness.

Cultivate positive thoughts

Each symbol, each Mandala radiates an energy of its own. By having articles of sacred geometry in your home, you allow beautiful vibrations, good energies, to live with you on a daily basis.

By resonance, by harmonization, by the nature of your thoughts, your feelings, your will, you form more subtle organs. When you wear, vivify certain virtues in your life appear in you organs of perception. It vivifies you.

The virtues are the activators of life, they are the invisible, the subtle that brings life. They can guide you to greater awareness, clearer, more alert thinking, more calm feelings.

We have developed a range of accessories around the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life, vibrating Mandalas. You can take them everywhere in your daily life to vibrate in unison with them.

Each item is hand-printed by us.

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