Anti-stress: 5 simple and effective methods

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In our time, stress is one of the most widespread plagues. Whether it comes from working conditions, family relationships, financial difficulties... or any other cause, it frequently invites itself into our lives and never leaves. Thus, it ends up spoiling the existence of the person who lets it settle in his house.

A real pain in the ass, stress never comes alone. It brings with it its own set of friends and more or less profound consequences such as: sleep disorders, immune weakness, emotional and nervous instability that can lead to depression, difficulties at work, family tensions...

There are ways to overcome it all

In this article, we present 5 unique ways to free yourself from stress.

Each exercise is a path in itself, which can give surprisingly effective results and transform your vision of life.

It is obvious that you can't do these techniques perfectly overnight, but you must practice to get good results. If you already know that you are not ready to work in this direction, then do not go any further...

However, with practice, you may find that these seemingly simple methods hold unsuspected treasures and can radically transform your life.

In reality, they are the first steps to an inner blooming and a limitless self-discovery.

Your inner balance depends above all on the balance of the 4 elements in your life. It is a source of strength and protection.


Balance the 4 elements in your life: natural anti-stress

Earth Element

Although it is the support on which we walk and evolve, the Earth is first and foremost a living being, wanting, feeling, loving... Her body carries our own - like a mother carrying her children in her womb - and allows us to exist in this world. If we begin to approach her with respect and awareness, a real subtle relationship can be woven between her and us, in order to help us accomplish our soul mission. Then the Earth frees us from what is heavy, heals us, opens the way to inner peace.

1st method : land on the earth

You can do this exercise anywhere you can stand (indoors or outdoors).

Stand and take a few deep breaths. Let the air flow gently in and out of you.

Think of the Earth carrying you with love. You are standing on it.

Let all the weight of your body rest on Mother Earth with confidence. Your head is slightly bent forward and your neck is relaxed. Your arms hang down by your side.

Bend your knees slightly and at the same time, feel that all the tensions in you flow down through your legs to be absorbed by the Earth.

Feel that everything that is tired, sick, tense, tense in you, is collected by the Earth like used water, to be transformed and purified. Through the alchemy of the great nature, this dirty energy will be transmuted into life through plants, trees, flowers, anywhere on the planet...

Slowly straighten your knees again and, as you straighten up, let go of all your problems, everything that was cluttering up your life, to the earth. Feel that you are now free, light, calm and serene.

Do this exercise at least three times in a row, deepening your contact with the Earth each time. As you do this, feel that you are bringing your heart closer to the soul of the world, to the Mother, that you are entering her aura of softness, warmth and tenderness. Feel deeply her love, for it is she who cleanses you, as a mother cleanses her child.

By doing this a number of times, deepen your relationship with Mother Earth. You may also feel that you are leaving the Earth as a worn, old, heavy, heavy coat when you approach her and when you straighten up, you are reborn, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. All this takes place with finesse and subtlety.

Then, thank her inwardly by bowing slightly to her presence.

Benefit: This exercise has the capacity to free you from stress, from everything that is disharmonious and from many latent diseases. It can even help to heal already existing illnesses (note: this does not replace your doctor's recommendations).

2nd method: walk on the ground in consciousness

Place yourself preferably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, in which you can walk at least a few meters.

If you are in a public place, perform this exercise without any attention to the people around you. However, try not to draw attention to yourself with outward attitudes.

If you are in the middle of nature, in a forest of your choice or in a place you particularly like, you can go barefoot.

Start walking very slowly, consciously placing each step on the ground. Your breathing is calm and gentle.

Feel the contact with the Earth and become aware that you are walking on a living being that carries you and loves you - like a mother loves her child.

Take each step slowly, lovingly, and open yourself to the Mother's love as it rises toward you, like invisible water filled with sweetness. In this communion and attention, let your perceptions open, expand. Each of your gestures must be very slow, conscious, full of harmony.

This walk can be extremely slow.

Benefit: By practicing this walk for a few minutes, you can gradually enter a state of great calm and get out of all the negative states you were in when you started. With practice, you will be amazed at the transformations this simple technique can make in your life.

When you are well trained, you will be able to change your inner state in one or two minutes, or even a few seconds. You will then be able to use this technique in any place, without difficulty.

Water Element

In everyday life, people naturally carry all sorts of physical and mental impurities. In the same way that the body gets dirty according to the situations it encounters, thoughts, feelings and desires are also tainted by the influences they face every day.

Stress is one of those unwanted "deposits" that stick to your skin and that you must learn to clean off in order to regain your inner balance.

To go in this direction, water can become a true friend. But in order to approach it in the right way, one must be open to its multiple dimensions. Because if there is a physical water which composes our body and without which it would be impossible to live, to move, to speak, to look... there is also a subtle water which bathes all our organs and generates our states of mind. This water can be transparent, luminous and beautiful or cloudy and dirty.

3rd method: purification by water - or how to calm a big blow of stress

When you take a shower, let the water flow over you, imagining that it comes from a higher, luminous source high in the sky. Be aware that this water is alive and that it is not only physical, but that it also flows in the subtle planes.

Feel this water as a water of Light, a water of Love that flows from the Source of springs and cleanses, invigorates, sanctifies your whole being. This water brings you great calm and peace, great sweetness. It is filled with the presence of all that is purest and truest and cleanses your thoughts, your feelings, your will and everything that is not in harmony with the most luminous in you.

To reinforce this practice, you can say this word with feeling:

"Everything that is not in harmony with the will of God,
the light of the true being
that I am eternally, the cosmic order, is now liberated and transformed.
The source of life flows through me.
In my spirit, I am one.
In my soul, everything is purified, enlivened, awakened. In my destiny, all is purified, enlivened, awakened. In my thinking, all is purified, enlivened, awakened. In my feelings, all is purified, enlivened, awakened. In my desires, everything is purified, enlivened, awakened. In my actions, everything is purified, enlivened, awakened. In my body, everything is purified, enlivened, awakened. The source flows in me, I am one.
I thank you, Angel of Water and bless you.
I want to live and work for the good of all beings. Amin."

When tensions, negative states of mind come to visit you, you can also get rid of them by washing your hands or taking a shower in this way.

Benefit: This method is a powerful water therapy. It revitalizes the whole being, removes all tensions, thoughts and negative feelings. It allows to clean all the subtle bodies and to center oneself, to connect with the higher dimensions of one's being.

Air Element

Stress is a surge of tension that arises in the body as a result of concentration on a specific problem, a situation, an overload of work, tensions... As it settles in, it generates a short and rapid breathing that locks man into compartmentalized states of mind, into fixed thoughts, into the limits of his body and his personality.

Working with the breath is a powerful way to open one's invisible cage and to get out of the confinement. It is a way to soar towards the blue sky and breathe with your soul.

4th method: breathing in the blue sky

You can practice this method in the car, on the train, in your office, outside or inside. The air around you should be relatively healthy and neutral. Avoid smoky environments, exhaust fumes and places with strong odors (foul smells and synthetic perfumes).

To reinforce this exercise, you can nevertheless burn Armenian paper or natural incense.

Sit on the floor or in a chair in a comfortable position. Your back is straight and relaxed.

Put all the weight of your body on Mother Earth and feel the calm and stability.

Breathe with awareness and softness.

Perceive the gray sky above you. This sky is filled with clouds linked to all your tensions, your difficulties, your worries... Feel this sky as a heavy reality that is trying to lock you in and that you must overcome.

By imagination, rise towards this grey sky and cross it by putting all your heart, all your soul there. Inwardly perceive the crossing of the sky as the crossing of an opaque veil that hid the blue sky from you.

Then, through imagination and feeling, enter the blue sky and see that the sun has never stopped shining, that it has always been there, even in the worst of times.

Breathe into the blue sky and let your thoughts expand to infinity.

Breathe in the unlimited space.

Feel the great calm, the great peace beyond time. Feel the eternity that stands above deceptive appearances and open yourself to the sun to catch its rays.

Realize that all it takes is an effort of will to break through the clouds of existence. No matter what the external circumstances are, your soul is always standing above the problems, in the blue sky.

Learn to look at the world with the eyes of your soul. With gentleness and beauty, bring this state of being connected to the blue sky and the sun into your physical body.

Benefit : Develops the ability to get out of all heavy situations. Gives great fortitude in the face of life's difficulties. Develops confidence in that which is superior to man.

With practice, you will be able to regain this state of being and awareness very quickly when you call upon it.

Fire Element

In existence, fire can take on many different appearances. It can appear as the fire of destruction, the fire of bombs, the fire of anger and discord... That is to say a sick fire diverted from its original mission. Or it can be the fire of friendship, of joy, of enthusiasm, of splendor, of truth, of love... a fire of healing and purification.

5th method: the flame of life

You can practice this method in any place where it is possible to light a candle.

In order to invite calm and peace within, it is always beneficial to light a candle in a place of life or meditation. Electric light, through the interference it causes on the aura and the subtle bodies, naturally generates stress and imbalance.

By lighting a candle with awareness, you are connecting to the Light of life. By doing so, you can set an intention that will reinforce its positive influence.

As you light the flame, think, feel and say:

"As I light this candle, I light the flame of harmony within me and around me. May this flame be a drop of sunshine in my heart, and bring the sacred fire of pure beautiful life."

When you want to extinguish the candle, place your right hand behind the flame, as if to protect it from the wind and, while blowing on it, imagine, feel, that it continues to burn in your heart to light your life from within.

Benefit: Drives out dark thoughts and anxieties. Brings Light, clarity, warmth and gentleness into the aura of the practitioner. Connects to the protective Light of the soul.

Anti-stress meditation or how to avoid stress

This meditation can be done while sitting in a chair, with your back straight and relaxed, or while sitting on the floor in a meditation posture. It is best practiced in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.

Stand in righteousness, nobility, freedom.
Around you and within you, feel the purity, the harmony, the loving understanding.
The air that gently enters and leaves you purifies and heals you.
The silence that surrounds and envelops you awakens your deepest consciousness.

Gently feel the earth beneath your feet.
Feel the ground and the stability.
In the belly: calm. Everything is calm, quiet...
Feel the depth, the calm, the serenity.
In the chest, feel your harmony, your peaceful being.
In the head, feel the clarity of the atmosphere, the air filled with light, the head open in the blue sky.

Perceive the top of your head from the inside and at the same time perceive the vault of heaven, the blue sky. Expand into the atmosphere. The blue sky fills the head like a soft energy, like a vibration.

Again, feel the earth under your feet.
Feel the whole earth. Become aware of her being, her intelligence, her soul, she who carries all the creatures of the world and who offers herself as food for their healthy and harmonious development.

Let the image of the earth rise in you to your chest.
Form in your heart the image of the round earth with the ocean and the continents.
Place the earth in your heart.
From the blue of the sky through the head, surround the earth with a blue color.
The vastness of the sky surrounds the earth, blesses the earth, cleanses the earth in your own heart, fully aware, awake, silent, present.

To help you in your work, you can copy this meditation, accompanied by an original music conducive to calm and resourcing.

Benefit: Powerful inner centering, subtle cleansing and awakening of the deep being.

Sacred Geometry items: anti-stress objects

In the face of stress, the sacred geometry symbols are your best allies. Being centered symbols par excellence, they allow you to come back to the center, to your own center and thus find a state of calm.

Of course, depending on your stress level, this may not be enough. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if necessary.

Anti-stress essential oils

Among the anti-stress essential oils, we can cite those of true Lavender, petit grain bigarade but also all essential oils from citrus fruits, such as sweet orange, bergamot or neroli essential oil.

These different essential oils balance, relax, calm and soothe the mind and nervous system. They calm down the whole body, overworked and exhausted by adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol, which are the hormones of stress.

Essential oils that are active on stress can be used on the skin: in massage, in the bath, in the shower, and in olfaction.

Find out more before using them.

Anti-stress homeopathy

Homeopathic granules can be a precious help against the effects of stress, anxiety, anguish and nervousness.

What to take to reduce stress and anxiety? Gelsemium 15 CH: As a general rule, in cases of chronic anxiety, Gelsemium 15CH is prescribed as a background treatment. Rhus Toxicodendron 15 CH: 2 granules 3 times a day when nervousness is accompanied by agitation with a need to be in constant motion.

Remember to consult your doctor for the dosage.

What is the best natural anti-stress?

Without a doubt: NATURE!

Nature cures everything. It soothes us; It consoles us.

We are coming to the end of this article.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Do not hesitate to share with us your feedbacks following the implementation of these exercises.

And don't hesitate to comment, to share and to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the next publications :-)

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