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What is karma? Definition

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The notion of karma is often misunderstood. What is karma, where does it come from? The answer in our article.

Karma designates the whole of the good or bad actions that we go through during our life and that condition the events to come. It is an extremely important concept in Hinduism, but also in Buddhism.

Karma : meaning


The word karma or karman in Sanskrit, from the verbal root kṛ, means "act", or kamma in Pali, is action in all its forms, then in a more religious sense ritual action. It is also a notion commonly designating the cycle of causes and consequences linked to the existence of sentient beings. It is then the sum of what an individual has done, is doing or will do.

In Eastern religions that have adopted the concept of rebirth (sometimes named reincarnation or transmigration), related to the fact that beings are reborn according to the nature and quality of their acts - in this life, but also in other lives that have taken place previously. Thus every act (karma) induces effects that are supposed to be reflected in the different lives of an individual, thus forming his destiny.

The law of karma is a central concept in several Indian religions, in particular Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. In these conceptions, each being is responsible for his or her karma (deeds), and thus for emerging from the Saṃsāra (cycle of reincarnations).

The concept of karma is also present in the doctrines of various Western esoteric movements.

The law of karma. What is a person's karma?

Karma has been represented by a wheel because it is the law of the eternal return of things. Following this law, by bringing positive into your life through conscious words and deeds, you will in turn receive beneficial.

Karma can very well manifest itself as character traits, positive or negative abilities. A negative character can be a serious obstacle in life. In order to transform it, it will take a lot of effort. In this way, dark karma is liquidated.

What are the three types of karma?

The world of karma is also the world of destiny, good or bad, also called the wheel of fortune and found on the tenth card of the tarot.

Karma can be individual, family or collective.

Family karma or tradition karma can be, for example, alcoholic parents whose addiction is passed on, like a memory, to their children and to future generations.

Collective karma can be a crime perpetrated in the name of a whole nation and which comes back on all the individuals who populate this nation. Each of the citizens is indebted and will have to pay his share.

These are the laws of recycling. You cannot run away from your past and all that has been implemented even if it is not by you personally. By being born into a family, you take on the karma of that family, just as by being born into a people, you take on their karma.

The carrot that is placed on the ground and rots does not disappear, its essence continues to live. The decaying matter under our feet is alive. Our ancestors are therefore, in a way, still alive.


Positive karma

As opposed to bad karma, which we will talk about next, positive karma means that every positive action generates positive. In a past life, if you were the source of many positive actions, you can come back with a positive capital that will help you in your present life. Unfortunately, we often tend to squander our treasure unconsciously.


What is bad karma?

For years, we have been hearing about debt, even over-indebtedness, all over the world. Books on how to get out of debt are offered to individuals seeking to get out of this impasse, and solutions are proposed to the most indebted nations, such as cancelling their debt entirely.

Men and women are well aware of this economic reality. However, what they don't know is that what they see in the visible world is also happening in the subtle worlds: humanity is getting into more and more debt. The indebtedness of humans is desired by a world that seeks to control it, because, according to the law of karma, whoever gets into debt is in debt.

If we accumulate debts, it is also because we are out of our center, out of our ray, which is one with the source.

It started from the moment you were born.

When you were born, there were many worlds around you (spirits, genies and egregores) and already you had no choice.

You carry the scriptures of these beings who have planned your whole life.

These beings, who have filled your sky (your destiny if you will) with their presence and their influences, make you live only for your physical body and they make you commit offenses (and therefore chain you; this is bad karma).

They can also take over everything else: your will, your feelings, your thoughts, your destiny, your soul.

We have been imposed a false image of ourselves, a shadow with tastes, opinions, beliefs that have been instilled in us through generations.

We live with this illusion inside us, and it is through the eyes of this shadow that we look at the world.

We live in a false conception of what is man or woman, who is considered today only as a cog in the industry, invited to consume more and more to make the machine work, destroying animals, plants, stones and committing offenses towards the divine world that put him/her in debt.

Man thinks he has a choice when in fact it is the system, the worlds, that direct him without his knowledge.

To free oneself from bad karma


How can we get out of this spiral that chains us more and more, increasing our suffering?

If we study life and the influences that direct men and women, we can see that even sincere beings, who seek the light through universal wisdom, often find themselves stuck in torments and sufferings, without finding answers to their questions.

How do we get out of the concepts and ideas we have about life? How can we succeed in seeing the world without concepts?

These questions are the basis of a path that leads toawakening and self-transformation.

The only way to be free from karma is to pay your debts. To pay them, we must know them. To know them, you have to know yourself. And to know ourselves, we must know God and the universe, that is, the world we live in.

So we know the words we need to say to the sadness, to the anger, to whatever is rising in us. We know where these forces come from and why they have entered our lives.

The whole earth is a school, and all beings you meet, whether positive or negative, participate in your awakening. Sometimes even what seemed negative turns out to be more positive than what you thought was positive, and what you thought was a hardship eventually leads you into liberation and strength.

The Concluding Word

You may wonder why I am talking to you about karma in a blog that is rather oriented towards sacred geometry, health and well-being?

Simply because I regularly speak to you about freeing yourself from the harmful influences that rot your existence and that the symbols of sacred geometry are tools that can accompany you in this process.

Symbols allow you to refocus, that is, to find your own center. Sometimes this is not enough, depending on the issue(s) you are facing, but they are a light that you can focus on in your daily life.

The vibratory Mandalas in particular, have this ability to help you balance counter-virtues, or negative karma for example, by virtues.

Let's take a concrete example, you will quickly understand: let's say you are in instability.

When instability comes to you, you must say to it: "I know you: you are instability. I know why you are here. You were right to destabilize me, I deserve it, because I or my family, my people, did such and such a thing... But today I look back at this, I turn the other cheek to you and I ask for your forgiveness. I ask you to let me breathe because I carry stability within me. I want to balance the worlds."

Freedom from karma means knowing how to study the world around us, and the worlds that govern our lives, without prejudice. True knowledge illuminates all worlds, it heals, harmonizes and balances. It is like the sun: it brings light

To be aware of something is to be free of it.

The law of karma shows you that if you do something negative in your life, you must automatically do something positive to bring balance.

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